What To Do Immediately After Hearing From God

Daily Effective Prayer Newsletter Issue 167.


I will quickly obey your commands. - Psalm 119:32 (NCV)

Learning to pray and hear from God is a wonderful experience in and of itself.

What is most important, though, is to obey what we hear God say to us immediately.

Quick obedience boosts and charges up our relationship with God.

It noticeably increases our quality of fellowship with Him and empowers our faith.

Praying, hearing, and obeying is a 3-step process that takes practice.

Over time, we become better and better at all three, little by little.

As we experience a greater connection with our Heavenly Father because we follow His direction, our confidence grows.

This is a marathon, not a sprint.

Practice makes perfect as we endeavor to follow through on whatever God shows us as fast as we can.

As we all know, God is perfect.

His plan for our lives is flawless.

His ways and His will are faultless.

However, it's interesting that despite knowing all of that, we can still find ourselves walking in our own wisdom and overlooking Him if we're not careful.

I can remember several times God asked me to do something, but I ignored Him because it required a personal sacrifice.

There have also been numerous times when I wasn't completely sure I heard from the Holy Spirit, so I decided not to step out by faith and obey.

We must never let what it might cost to obey God get in the way of submitting to what He told us to do.

At the end of the day, when we believe that we have received instructions from Him, we must step out by faith.

We must obey immediately and find out if we really did hear Him or not.

Allowing fear or what it might cost us to limit or stop our obedience will slow down and hinder our walk with God.

It will impede our ability to recognize and hear His voice.

His ways are higher than our ways.

His thoughts are higher than our thoughts.

God knows exactly what He is doing when He speaks to us.

He is the One taking the lead, and we're the ones following Him.

It's not the other way around.

I encourage you today to listen for God's direction, discern as best you can what He is saying, and then obey as fast as you can.

Don't give your flesh or your feelings time to override what God said to do.

As you and I learn to hear from God, we're going to make mistakes.

That's perfectly okay.

God will pick us back up, and we will try again.

He knows that we are learning, and He will never turn His back on us.

He is faithful in teaching us to hear from Him when we walk by faith and not by fear.

If this resonates with you, here's a short prayer you can say today:

"Heavenly Father, guide me swiftly in following Your will for my life. Grant me the wisdom to discern Your direction and the courage to act upon it without hesitation. May Your guidance lead me closer to You each day. Amen."

God bless you! 

Your brother in Christ,



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1. How do we know the direction we received is from God?

First and foremost, we must look to the Word of God as our ultimate source of direction. It is in Scripture that we find the principles and teachings that reflect the character of God. Any direction we receive that does not align with the truths revealed in the Bible should be carefully examined and questioned. We must not be led astray by direction that does not resonate with the voice of God as found in His Word. Aligning our direction with the teachings of Scripture is crucial for walking in the ways of the Lord and fulfilling His purposes for our lives.

2. What do we do if the guidance we receive is clearly from the Lord?

It is imperative that immediate action is taken to follow the Lord's direction without hesitation or delay. Trust in the wisdom of the guidance given and proceed confidently in carrying out the necessary steps to fulfill the instructions provided because God is with you.

3. What are the potential consequences of obedience or disobedience?

Obedience to God's guidance leads to blessings, peace, and fulfillment. It sets us on the right path, aligned with His will, and allows us to experience His presence and favor in our lives. Disobedience, on the other hand, brings consequences of strife, confusion, and a sense of emptiness. In the long term, obedience results in a life filled with purpose, joy, and eternal rewards, while disobedience leads to regrets, missed opportunities, and a drifting away from God's perfect plan for us.

4. What barriers or obstacles hinder immediate obedience?

Immediate obedience can be hindered by a variety of factors, both internal and external. Internally, fear, pride, and a lack of trust in God's plan can prevent us from obeying promptly. Externally, distractions, worldly pressures, and the influence of others can pull us away from following God's will immediately. To address these obstacles, we must cultivate a deep sense of trust in God, practice humility, and prioritize our relationship with Him above all else. By focusing on strengthening our faith and eliminating outside distractions, we can overcome these barriers to obedience and follow God's commands without hesitation.

5. What steps can be taken to facilitate quick obedience?

Prompt obedience to God's direction can be facilitated by developing a clear plan of action. This includes consistent prayer and reading of God's Word to seek guidance and wisdom, seeking counsel from fellow believers or spiritual mentors, and taking practical steps to follow through on what God is calling us to do. By actively engaging in these steps and remaining open to the leading of the Holy Spirit, we can cultivate a heart that is quick to obey and eager to fulfill God's will in our lives.

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