Jesus Is Alive (HE IS RISEN)

Daily Effective Prayer Newsletter Issue 168.


He is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay.

- Matthew 28:6

Jesus is risen, and the tomb is found empty.

This is a miraculous sign of His victory over death. 

This event is a powerful testimony to us who believe about the truth of His resurrection. 

We must proclaim this truth boldly and joyfully to all who are willing to hear. 

Let our voices (and actions) carry the Good News of His triumph far and wide.

The resurrection of Jesus is at the heart of what we believe, for it signifies His power over sin and death

We cannot underestimate the significance of this event in our faith.

Paul says that everything we believe hinges on Jesus' resurrection (1 Corinthians 15:14). 

He says that if Jesus is not alive, everything we're doing is in vain.

Jesus being alive today is a testament to the fulfillment of God's promises and the hope that we have in Him. 

We must cling to this truth with unwavering faith and devotion.

The empty tomb is a symbol of hope and new beginnings for us who believe in Christ. 

It serves as a reminder that death has been defeated and that we are offered eternal life through Jesus. 

We must rejoice in the fact that Jesus is alive and reigns forevermore.

His victory is our victory.

His life is our life.

We must never forget the profound impact this has on our lives today. 

It is a reminder that we serve a living Savior who has conquered the grave. 

We must walk in the power of His resurrection and live as people who have been transformed by His love. 

The empty tomb is a beacon of hope that will never, ever fade away.

In light of Jesus' resurrection, we are called to live with a renewed sense of purpose and passion for His Kingdom. 

We must share the Good News (the almost too good to be true news) of His victory with boldness and conviction. 

The world needs to know that Jesus is alive and that His love endures forever

May you and I be faithful witnesses to His resurrection power in all that we do.

If this resonates with you, here's a short prayer you can say today:

"Dear God, I praise You for the miracle of Jesus being alive, risen from the dead, and the empty tomb declaring His victory over sin and death. May I live in the light of His resurrection, sharing His love and truth with all I encounter. Thank You for the gift of salvation through Christ's triumph over the grave. Amen."

God bless you! 

Your brother in Christ,


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1. How do the varying accounts from Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John strengthen the overall message of the empty tomb?

The differing accounts from Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John regarding the empty tomb serve to provide a comprehensive and multifaceted view of the miraculous event. Each gospel emphasizes unique details and perspectives that, when combined, create a rich tapestry of evidence and testimony to the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Matthew focuses on the angelic presence at the tomb, Mark highlights the astonishment of the women who first discovered the empty tomb, Luke emphasizes the disbelief and subsequent realization of the disciples, and John portrays the personal encounter between Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

Together, these diverse accounts serve to strengthen the overall message of the empty tomb by presenting a unified testimony to the reality of Christ's triumph over death and the fulfillment of scripture.

Hallelujah! Jesus is alive!

2. Why is the empty tomb so important, and how does it differ from Jesus simply being revived (brought back to life without conquering death)?

Reviving Jesus without Him conquering death would fall short of the true essence and power of salvation. The resurrection of Jesus signifies His victory over sin and death, providing a way for believers (all who call on His Name) to have eternal life and communion with God. Simply reviving Jesus would not have the same transformative effect or spiritual significance as His resurrection, which is crucial for the fulfillment of God's plan of redemption and reconciliation with humanity.

3. How did encountering the risen Jesus change the disciples, and what does this tell us about the power of the resurrection?

Coming face to face with the resurrected Jesus turned their lives upside down in an instant. It showed them the immense power and life-transforming impact of the resurrection. It also validated everything He said and tied it all together. They went from fearful and doubtful individuals to bold and unwavering followers, spreading the message of hope and redemption everywhere they went. This encounter with the risen Christ not only changed them but also demonstrated the unparalleled power of the resurrection to bring about new life, hope, and purpose in all who believe.

4. If Jesus is alive, how does that change the way we approach life, death, and our relationship with God?

Jesus' resurrection brings a new perspective on life, death, and our connection with God. Knowing that Jesus is alive means that we have hope and assurance in the face of death, knowing that He conquered it. It changes our approach to life, as we can live with confidence and purpose, knowing that our ultimate destiny is secure. Our relationship with God is strengthened, as we have a living Lord and Savior who intercedes for us and guides us through the Holy Spirit. This reality should lead us to a life of faith, obedience, and gratitude for the incredible gift of salvation that Jesus' resurrection provides.

5. How can we effectively share the message of the risen Christ with others in a way that is meaningful and relevant?

To effectively share the message of the risen Christ with others in a meaningful and relevant way, we must first allow the Holy Spirit to work through us. This involves living a life that reflects the love and grace of Jesus, showing kindness and compassion to those around us. By being genuine in our actions and words, we can build authentic relationships with others and earn the right to speak into their lives.

We must also be sensitive to the individual needs and struggles of those we are trying to reach, tailoring our approach to meet them right where they are at. It is through the power of the Holy Spirit that hearts are transformed and lives are changed, so we must rely on Him to guide us in our efforts to share the Good News of Christ with others.

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