Worshipping God Is Personal

Daily Effective Prayer Newsletter Issue 165.


O come, let us worship and bow down, let us kneel before the Lord our Maker (in reverent praise and supplication). - Psalm 95:6

When we genuinely worship God with all of our hearts, we create an environment in which He can speak to us.

Worshipping God is personal and a privilege.

Worshipping God is also really hard to define.

I was taught that it is more about who God is rather than what He does for us. 

Worship comes up from our hearts.

It rises from deep within us, and it is precious and awesome.

It is an attempt at trying to put into words how we feel about God.

Worshipping Him is a powerful outpouring of our hearts.

It is filled with love, gratitude, thanksgiving, and devotion.

Over the years, I've always found it hard to describe everything that true worship is. 

Some of the Bible teachers I've known have said that it may be better not to attempt to define it because, in doing so, we may limit it.

Therefore, worship may very well be indescribable.

It is more than just singing.

Genuine worship is, first and foremost, a condition of a heart and a state of mind.

We can worship God with all that we are, even without singing.

We can dance before Him in silence if we so desire, and it blesses Him.

The most important part of worship is that it is born from our hearts.

It rises from within us and pours out of our mouths and through our bodies. 

We worship God from a heart of gratitude for who He is.

We may want to sing.

We may want to dance.

We may want to clap our hands.

And we may want to simply bow in silent reverence.

We may also desire to give offerings or carry out another outward expression of our love for our Heavenly Father. 

But, always remember, true worship is of the heart, and anything else is just formalism

My encouragement for you today is to worship God truly.

Today, do it because you genuinely love Him.

And don't be surprised that in moments of heartfelt worship, you hear His voice speaking to you.

If this resonates with you, here's a short prayer you can say today:

"Heavenly Father, I come before You in awe of Your majesty and greatness, seeking to genuinely worship You for who You are. May my heart overflow with love and reverence for Your Holy Name, and may my life be a living sacrifice of praise to You alone. I thank You for Your unending love, mercy, and grace that draws me to worship You with all my being. In Jesus Name I pray, amen."

God bless you! 

Your brother in Christ,



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1. What does Scripture reveal about the importance of worshipping God?

Worshipping God is a fundamental aspect of Scripture that is emphasized throughout both the Old and New Testaments. The Bible constantly reminds us of the significance of giving praise, thanks, and adoration to our Creator. It teaches us that worshipping God is not only a commandment but a way to express our love, gratitude, and reverence towards Him. Through worship, we align ourselves with God's will, declare His greatness, and experience His presence in a deeper way. Scripture reveals that true worship is not confined to a physical location or ritual but involves a heartfelt connection with God that transcends time and space. Worshipping God is a spiritual discipline that draws us closer to Him and transforms our hearts to reflect His love and grace to the world.

2. How does worshipping God impact our relationship with Him and with others?

Worshipping God not only strengthens our personal relationship with Him but also impacts our interactions with others. By focusing our hearts and minds on the holiness and greatness of God through worship, we are reminded of His love and mercy towards us, leading us to show the same love and mercy to those around us. When we worship God in spirit and truth, we are filled with His presence and power, equipping us to love others selflessly and sacrificially, reflecting His character in all our relationships. Our worship must be a reflection of God's love for us and a catalyst for spreading that love to others, transforming our relationships for His glory.

3. What are the benefits of prioritizing regular worship in our lives?

Regular worship in our lives brings immense benefits, such as deepening our connection with God, finding inner peace and strength, fostering a sense of community with other believers, and gaining spiritual nourishment and guidance for our daily challenges. Prioritizing regular worship allows us to align our hearts with God's will, experience His presence in a tangible way, and grow in our faith journey. It is through consistent worship that we can fully experience the transformative power of the Lord in our lives.

4. What role does worship play in spiritual growth and maturity?

Worship plays a crucial role in spiritual development and maturity as it allows us to connect with God on a deeper level, expressing gratitude, love, and adoration towards Him. Through worship, we humble ourselves before the Almighty, recognizing His sovereignty and power over our lives. It fosters intimacy with the Lord, leading to spiritual growth as we learn to trust and rely on Him more fully. Worshipping together with other believers builds community and support, helping us to grow and mature in our faith journey.

5. How can we cultivate a deeper understanding and appreciation of worship in our personal and corporate lives?

A genuine appreciation for worship can only be cultivated through a deep and intimate connection with the Holy Spirit. To truly understand and value worship, we must allow the Spirit to lead us into moments of reverence, awe, and surrender, both in our personal devotion and in our collective gatherings. It is through the Spirit's guidance that we can experience the true essence of worship, where our hearts are fully engaged, our minds are focused on God, and our spirits are lifted up in adoration. Without the Holy Spirit's presence and power, our worship becomes empty rituals and meaningless actions devoid of true connection with our Heavenly Father.

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