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Our Mission

We create believing Christian prayers designed to produce effective results. Answered prayer fills your heart with joy and gives glory to God.

Your Heavenly Father loves you and we encourage you to pray more often and believe for the impossible.

To enable this to happen, we produce Christian prayer media designed to teach and train Believers around the world how to pray and see answers to their prayers.

We never claim that this is the only way to pray. This is simply a way we have found works well.

To see this vision come to pass it requires time, investment and the application of the gifts God has given to us in order to carry out His plan for effective, daily prayer.

We are dedicated to praying for you.

Our Story

Our story starts with the name of this prayer ministry… DAILY … EFFECTIVE… PRAYER.

Daily prayer is so important. Spending time with the Lord should be our first priority.

How can we fulfill what God has called us to do if we do not spend time with Him in prayer on a daily basis?

How can He work through us if our prayers are not effective? Our focus is to pray with people and help them pray in a way that brings answers.

We endeavour to simply be a place where Christians can get encouraged and empowered in the Lord. Effective prayers of faith can change the world.


This Ministry Is Good Ground

Our main ministry takes place on YouTube and it’s one of the social networks you can go to in order to verify that God really is using our prayers to reach the world.

We’ve had the opportunity to pray with millions of people around the world and have received an abundance of testimonies.

The numbers don’t lie…


125,000,000+ VIEWS ON YOUTUBE

Seeking Jesus through prayer is who we are.

Our Heart

Our heart is to preach Christ. To encourage people around the world through Christian prayers, motivation and inspiration.

To pray with them and help them learn how to seek the Lord in a way that brings about manifested answered prayer.

We hope to be a blessing in some way to you too.

God bless you!


Your brother in Christ,

Daniel (Prayer Warrior & Founder) 


Feel Free To Write Me At:

7852 – 365 H Street, Blaine, WA, 98230