Trust God With Everything You Got

Daily Effective Prayer Newsletter Issue 157


In You, O Lord, do I put my trust. - Psalm 31:1

I still remember the day that God asked me to take a step back from my business, where I was making a very nice income.

He began to speak to my heart and say that I am going to have to spend less time on my company and begin to prepare for ministry.

He wanted me to spend two full days a week in the ministry.

At that point in my life, I was fitting ministry work in and around my company's schedule.

Unfortunately, I didn't like what He said so I didn't obey Him completely.

The truth was, I was afraid to follow through on what He asked of me.

After all, I wondered if I was really hearing from God.

Surely, He wouldn't ask me to go from where I was comfortable and then step into the unknown.

I decided to try and ignore what I "thought" God had spoken to my heart.

Thanks to my disobedience, God didn't leave me alone.

He continued to deal with me and speak to me.

I finally got to a place where I decided to make a deal with Him.

I decided that I would dedicate one full day a week to the ministry and not two days like He had asked.

Well, once I stopped working just that one day, my income dropped immediately.

Thankfully, I found that I could still balance everything and survive.

I looked over my budget and found places where I could save and spend more efficiently to make it all work out.

It was a very good plan.

The problem was it was not God's plan.

God is not into negotiating.

He is the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End.

He is the Great I Am.

When He asks us to do anything, He knows what He is asking.

My "good" plan came crashing down because of my disobedience, and it hurt.

Reluctantly, I obeyed God and started to spend two full days a week in the ministry.

I was finally in the place where God had politely asked me to be earlier.

I was now completely trusting Him.

It wasn't easy but I learned to trust God for my needs.

Month after month and year after year, I experienced divine provision.

I was able to look after all the bills, and I saw the faithfulness of God as people all around the world sowed into Daily Effective Prayer.

God has always provided, and what I learned through this experience now enables me to trust Him for the resources required to run an international prayer ministry.

If you do one thing today, make the decision to trust God with everything you got.

Please don't make the mistake I did, and come up with your own plan.

Trying to talk an all-knowing God out of what He has told you to do never works.

Decide to trust Him more than ever before.

Obey and follow His Holy Spirit wherever He leads you, no matter what.

If you do, the best is truly yet to come in your life.

God will provide all along the way.

If this resonates with you, here's a short prayer you can say today:

"Dear God, I surrender my doubts and fears, placing my complete trust in You. Lord, help me lean not on my own understanding but to seek Your guidance in all things. Strengthen my faith, that I may fully rely on You and Your perfect plan for my life. In You, I find peace and security. Thank You for Your everlasting love. Amen."

God bless you! 

Your brother in Christ,


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Daily prayer to trust God more today than yesterday.
Daily prayer that I trust God to provide.


What does trusting God mean?

Trusting God means surrendering control and relying on His guidance and provision in every aspect of our lives. It means having faith in His perfect plan, even when things don't go according to our own desires or expectations. Trusting God is a continuous journey of leaning on His wisdom and strength, knowing that He is faithful and always working things out for our good.

How does God demonstrate His faithfulness in our lives?

God has demonstrated His faithfulness in our lives through His constant provision and guidance. He has always been there for us, providing for our needs and showing us the way to go. We have all seen His faithfulness in times of difficulty, when He has provided comfort and strength, and in times of joy when He has blessed us with His abundant goodness.

How do we handle uncertainty and waiting?

Handling uncertainty and waiting can be challenging, but it is essential to trust in the power of God. Instead of allowing fear and impatience to consume us, we can lean on the guidance and peace that comes from the Holy Spirit, knowing that God is in control and has a perfect plan for our lives. By seeking His wisdom and surrendering our worries to Him, we can find strength and hope in the midst of uncertainty and waiting.

What role does prayer play in our relationship with God?

Prayer plays a pivotal role in our relationship with God and trusting Him even more. It is through prayer that we communicate with God, express our gratitude, seek guidance, and surrender our worries and burdens to Him. Prayer deepens our trust in God as we acknowledge His sovereignty and rely on Him for strength, wisdom, and comfort in all aspects of our lives.

How do we cultivate a deeper faith in God daily?

To cultivate a deeper trust in God it is crucial to rely on the Spirit of God. By surrendering our own desires and seeking the Holy Spirit's guidance in every aspect of our lives, we can experience the transformative presence of God and develop an unwavering faith in His goodness and faithfulness. We must invite the Holy Spirit to fill us to overflowing every day, allowing Him to work in us and strengthen our trust in God through His divine power and wisdom.

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