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Daily Effective Prayer was created because I believe that now, more than ever, people need to see answers to their prayers. I created hundreds of prayer videos on several social media networks to help unite Christians through prayer.

If it was not for the faithful and generous support from Believers around the world, this prayer ministry would not be doing what it is today.


Why Support This Ministry?

When you support this ministry you become a partner with me and qualified to receive a part of the fruit that abounds within this ministry. By being a supporter, it allows you to become a partaker of the rich fruits that effective prayer brings about in the lives of people.

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Go ahead and step out from among the crowd and show your support today. There is no such thing as support that is too small to make a difference. Every thing you do to show your support helps keep this prayer ministry pressing on toward the goal God has called me to accomplish for His glory.

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You can make a difference in one of four ways (SEE BELOW). All your support goes towards keeping this ministry operating and continuing to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through prayer!

Your brother in Christ,

Daniel (Prayer Warrior & Founder)



1. Sow a Financial Seed Today! 😇

Believe it or not but this is only a part-time ministry. When you sow financially you’re helping me to move one step closer to my dream of being a full-time minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This ministry touches so many lives yet, there are so many more that need to be reached through this prayer ministry. Every donation matters and counts so that God can use me EVEN MORE to change lives around the world!

2. Watch My Prayer Videos On YouTube! 🔥

Watch my prayer videos AS LONG AS YOU CAN. What I mean by that is that YouTube pays very close attention to how long you watch a video. In other words, do you watch my videos right till the VERY END?

If they see that viewers only watch 25% of a video, then that means the AUDIENCE RETENTION DROPS and YouTube won’t suggest my prayer videos to others. YouTube needs to see my prayer videos get views but it also needs to see my videos get more WATCH TIME.

So if you can, please watch my prayer videos through completely and encourage others to do the same. Also LIKE, COMMENT, and most importantly, SHARE the videos as YouTube also pays very close attention to how much ENGAGEMENT occurs on my prayer videos.

All of this is a HUGE SUPPORT to this prayer ministry and goes a very long way in helping the ministry grow!

3. Shop Ministry Merch! 🛍

I have created all sorts of Christian apparel. From teeshirts to hoodies, to mugs, and even stickers. Shop for yourself or for a friend. Have a suggestion or an idea for apparel? Please send me your feedback. Every purchase goes towards funding this prayer ministry and allowing it to continue to minister to people all around the world.

4. Pray For This Ministry! 🙏

Praying for this ministry was listed last because it is the MOST IMPORTANT way to show your support. If you are led to pray, please lift up this ministry and its future. Please ask the Lord to give me wisdom and direction as to what He wills for it. There is so much power in prayer and when I follow His Spirit then all that is done through this prayer ministry will be effective and bring Him all the praise and glory!