One Thing To Look For When God Has Spoken

Daily Effective Prayer Newsletter Issue 171.


Let the peace of Christ [the inner calm of one who walks daily with Him] be the controlling factor in your hearts [deciding and settling questions that arise]. To this peace indeed you were called as members in one body [of believers]. And be thankful [to God always] - Colossians 3:15

God is good and one of the blessed things He always does is He gives us an inner peace, confirming that what we heard is from Him, even when He has to correct us.

This peace, instilled by the Holy Spirit, leaves a soothing comfort in our spirits, a clear confirmation that the instructions are indeed from Him.

On the other hand, when the enemy, who is a liar, tries to influence us, he is unable to mimic God's peace.

Even when we may turn to our own reasoning, it almost always leaves us restless because the mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace (Romans 8:6).

This scripture in Romans vividly reminds us that human logic, without the Holy Spirit’s guidance, leads only to turmoil and all the sorrows linked to trying to do life on our own, apart from God.

Therefore, as today's scripture says, whenever we believe we've heard from God or are about to make a decision based on what we think He has said, we are to let the peace of Christ be the controlling factor in our hearts.

If the peace doesn’t hold up against the guidance we’ve received, it's a clear sign not to proceed.

We don't owe anyone a detailed explanation for why we don't feel peace.

Sometimes, we may not fully understand it ourselves.

It's enough to simply state, "I do not have peace about this right now, and I'm not going to go in this direction."

Years ago, I faced a decision about accepting a job that seemed perfect but hurried. 

Despite the attractive offer and pressure to decide quickly, I felt an unsettling in my heart. 

Remembering the wisdom of waiting on God’s peace, I paused and prayed for clarity

A few days later, I still did not have God's peace in my heart, confirming it was right to decline.

Shortly thereafter, a far better opportunity arose that aligned perfectly with my calling.

My encouragement for you today is when in doubt, don't.

Wait for peace before you take one step because it is one way to confirm that God has spoken to you.

Always hold off until you feel a divine reassurance in your heart about following what you believe God has instructed. 

This peace is not just a feeling.

It's a supernatural confirmation that you are truly hearing from God, that the timing aligns with His, and that He is permitting you to go forward. 

This peace not only reassures you but also empowers you with the confidence and faith needed to obediently follow God’s directions. 

If this resonates with you, here's a short prayer you can say today:

"Heavenly Father, I come to You in this moment of prayer, seeking Your peace and guidance. Grant me the patience to wait on Your peace in my heart and Your perfect timing before taking any step in my life. Fill my heart with Your peace that surpasses all understanding, assuring me that Your plans are always for my good. Thank You for being my Rock and my Refuge, always leading me to victory. Amen."

God bless you! 

Your brother in Christ,


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1. What does the Bible say about peace as a guide for decision-making?

Philippians 4:7 highlights that "the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." This verse directs us to seek a peace that acts not merely as a divine comfort but as an active guard over our decision-making. It's important that we cultivate a prayer life that centers on seeking God's peace. We are to ask for it explicitly in our prayers, be still and wait for it, and look for its presence as a confirmation when we're unsure about our next steps.

2. How can we differentiate between the Lord's peace and personal comfort or desire?

We can start by earnestly praying for the Holy Spirit to illuminate the true source of our peace. We reflect on whether our sense of peace brings a soothing comfort or merely aligns with our personal comforts or existing desires. We can also seek wise counsel from spiritually mature friends or mentors who can offer unbiased perspectives on our situations. Their insights can sometimes help reveal whether our peace is from God or from a desire to avoid change. The most important thing we can do is to spend time in God's Word. This approach not only deepens our spiritual sensitivity but also safeguards our decision-making against the subtleties of self-interest and comfort. The Bible is alive and is such a blessing.

3. What role does prayer play in experiencing peace from God in decision-making?

When we seek God's peace through prayer, we're opening our hearts to divine wisdom that surpasses human understanding. We begin by setting aside dedicated time each day to pray specifically for clarity and peace about our decisions. It's important to approach this time with a quiet mind and an open heart. We must eliminate distractions and focus solely on our conversation with God. We must use scriptures to guide our prayers and it's also helpful to keep a prayer journal to document our thoughts and feelings during these times. 

4. How can we practice patience while seeking confirmation of God's peace?

We begin by setting realistic expectations that the process may take time and that this waiting period is a valuable part of discerning God’s will. We are to engage in daily spiritual practices such as meditation on God's Word and daily effective prayer to maintain a calm and receptive heart. It's also beneficial to participate in community worship and fellowship, as these can offer both support and wisdom while we navigate this waiting period.

5. What example from the Bible or Christian history illustrates following God’s peace in decision-making?

Abraham's journey, as detailed in the Bible, is a perfect example of following God's peace in decision-making. When God called him to leave his homeland for an unknown destination, Abraham responded with obedience, stepping into the uncertainty with a deep trust in God’s promise. This peace and assurance were his guides, even when the path seemed fraught with challenges, such as the command to sacrifice his son Isaac. In each instance, Abraham's adherence to God’s guidance, no doubt driven by an inner peace that confirmed his steps were aligned with divine will, showcased his unwavering faith and became a cornerstone of his legacy as a patriarch of faith (Hebrews 11).

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