God Speaks To You In Many Ways

Daily Effective Prayer Newsletter Issue 169.


Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known. - Jeremiah 33:3

In today's verse, God asks us to call on Him, and He will show us great and hidden things that we have not known.

That is a powerful promise and one that we can count on.

This scripture and many others tell us that God can and will speak to us.

In fact, He speaks to us in many ways.

Here's a short list of 14 ways God speaks, in no particular order, that I would like to highlight (there are many more because there is nothing impossible with God):

  1. Holy Spirit (ie. inner witness, still small voice, a knowing in our hearts)
  2. Scriptures
  3. People
  4. Word Of Wisdom / Knowledge / Prophecy (Gifts of the Spirit)
  5. Our Conscience
  6. Peace (or the lack thereof)
  7. Angels
  8. Our Desires
  9. Audible Voice
  10. Circumstances
  11. Wisdom
  12. Supernatural Occurrences
  13. Dreams
  14. Visions

All of the above deserves much more explanation.

Some would say there is overlap, but the most important thing to remember is that whichever way God chooses to speak to you, what He says will never violate His Word.

God's directions and instructions are always in alignment with His written Word.

That's one reason He says to keep the scriptures before our eyes and in our hearts because when we do, we will more easily recognize what is and what is not from God.

God has spoken to me in many of the ways I listed above.

I remember countless times when there was a "knowing" in my heart that God wanted me to do something like pray for someone, call a friend, etc.

There were times when I wanted to go somewhere, but I didn't have peace about it.

I remember saying things in a tone to someone that was not acceptable to God, and my conscience immediately alerted me to repent.

Today, be encouraged to ask God to help You discern His voice and speak to you in any way He desires.

God is good.

God loves you far more than you know.

He has a blessed plan and future for you.

You can trust Him.

He wants to talk to you about what is on Your heart and share with You what is on His (take time to listen when you pray).

The more clearly we hear God speaking to us, the more we'll stay in His will and purpose for our lives as we obey Him.

If this resonates with you, here's a short prayer you can say today:

"God, I come before You in prayer and ask that You speak to me in whatever way You see fit. May my ears be open and my heart receptive to Your voice, guiding me in the paths of righteousness. Help me to discern Your voice amidst the noise of the world, leading me on the path of Your divine will. Amen."

God bless you! 

Your brother in Christ,



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1. How does God communicate beyond an audible voice, and what are some examples from scripture?

God communicates with us in ways beyond just an audible voice. Through the Scriptures, dreams, visions, nature, circumstances, and other believers, He reveals His will to us. In the Bible, we see examples of God speaking through burning bushes, dreams like in Joseph's case, visions as with Ezekiel, and even through a donkey as seen in Balaam's story. As believers, we must be open to hearing God's voice in various ways and always be in tune with His Holy Spirit and His Word to discern His leading in our lives.

2. In a world filled with thoughts and opinions, how can we be sure we're discerning God's voice and not our own desires or external influences?

To discern God's voice amidst our own thoughts and the noise of the world, we must cultivate a deep and intimate relationship with Him through constant prayer, meditation on His Word, and seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit within us. It is crucial to align our hearts with His will, surrendering our own desires and submitting to His divine wisdom. By developing a spirit of discernment through spiritual disciplines and actively listening for His voice in the stillness of our hearts, we can confidently distinguish His leading from the deceptive whispers of our own desires or external influences. 

3. How does studying Scripture play a role in understanding and aligning ourselves with what God wants to communicate?

To truly understand and align ourselves with God's desires, we must immerse ourselves in the study of Scripture, which is the divine revelation of God's will for us. Studying the Bible allows us to gain wisdom, discernment, and guidance in navigating the complexities of life. It serves as a lamp to our feet and a light to our path, illuminating the way we should walk and the choices we should make. Most importantly, spending time in God's Word attunes us to recognize His voice more and more. Through Scripture, we can grasp the depth of God's love, His plans for us, and His expectations of how we should live. By delving into the Bible, we open our hearts and minds to receive God's daily messages and align our lives with His divine purpose.

4. Is there anything we can do to prepare ourselves to be more receptive to hearing God speak? How can we cultivate a heart of openness and attentiveness?

There are steps we can take to open our hearts and minds to better receive God's voice within us. Consistent prayer throughout the day, meditation on Scripture (as mentioned above), and being still in His presence are ways to cultivate a spirit of receptivity and attentiveness to the voice of God. Through humbly seeking His presence and actively listening in stillness, we can create space for God to communicate with us in ways that align with His divine will.

5. Does God always speak in a clear and unmistakable way? How can we confirm that a message we believe is from God, and what steps should we take once we are confident we've heard Him speak?

God often communicates in a still, small voice that requires our careful attention to discern. We must confirm a message from God by aligning it with His Word, seeking counsel from other believers, and praying for confirmation through the Holy Spirit. Once we believe we've heard God speak, we should act with faith, obedience, and humility, trusting that His ways are higher than ours and His plans are for our good. 

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