Start Your Day Right: Two Things To Pray For Every Day

Daily Effective Prayer Newsletter Issue 181.


If you cry for insight and raise your voice for understanding, if you seek [Wisdom] as for silver and search for skillful and godly Wisdom as for hidden treasures, then you will understand the reverent and worshipful fear of the Lord. - Proverbs 2:3-5

If today’s scriptures nudge us to pursue wisdom and yearn for understanding, it’s because God’s wisdom goes beyond our wildest dreams. 

Think about it: God sees everything from start to finish, the end from the beginning.

He knows the depths of our hearts and motives, and He’s aware of things we can’t even fathom

Whether we’re navigating the challenges of everyday life or under a full-on assault from the enemy, God’s wisdom is our game-changer

And how do we tap into that wisdom?

By simply praying and asking Him.

God's wisdom and understanding are two things I make sure to ask for on a daily basis.

Often, when God communicates with us, He imparts His wisdom. 

This might come as a sudden insight into a dilemma or clear guidance when we face tough choices. 

The truth is, God’s wisdom can come through in countless ways, and we should always cherish it as a precious gift. 

Picture it like a treasure trove brimming with invaluable jewels – that’s the kind of worth God’s wisdom holds.

Let me give you a real-life example.

There was a period in my life when I was at a major turning point, faced with a decision that would impact my family and career significantly. 

I felt lost and unsure, struggling to find the right path.

One night, I knelt down in prayer, fervently asking God for His wisdom and direction. 

The next morning, as I delved into my Bible, a verse seemed to leap off the page, speaking directly to my situation. 

It felt like God was whispering in my ear, providing the clarity I desperately needed. 

Following His divine guidance, I made my decision with newfound confidence, and in hindsight, I can see how God’s wisdom led me to greater blessings and opportunities.

I urge you to treat God’s wisdom as more valuable than silver and gold, something essential for a successful Christian life. 

Make it a daily practice to pray and seek His wisdom and understanding in every circumstance, whether big or small. 

He promises to generously provide, and you’ll be astounded by the positive outcomes. 

No matter how trivial a problem may seem, it still warrants God’s wisdom and understanding. 

So, pursue His insight and watch how it transforms your life in remarkable ways.

If this resonates with you, here's a short prayer you can say today:

"Heavenly Father, thank You for Your wisdom that shines like a beacon whenever I need direction in my life. Help me to seek Your insight in every situation, like a thirsty traveler searching for water in a desert. Fill my mind with Your divine understanding, guiding me through the maze of life's challenges. I trust that with Your wisdom, I'll navigate every storm and find peace in Your perfect plan. Amen."

God bless you! 

Your brother in Christ,


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A daily prayer for God's wisdom.
A daily prayer for deeper understanding.


1. How does God’s wisdom differ from human wisdom, and why is it important to seek His guidance in our daily lives?

God's wisdom is like a lighthouse in a storm, a compass in the desert, guiding us safely to shore when the waves of human reasoning just can’t cut it. Human wisdom might look good on paper, but it’s like building a house on sand – shaky and unreliable. God sees the end from the beginning, knowing things we can't even fathom. That’s why seeking His guidance is crucial. It’s like having the ultimate GPS that never fails. Without it, we're just wandering in the dark, bumping into obstacles that He could have helped us avoid. This can lead to a lot of wasted time, money, and energy.

2. What biblical examples illustrate the importance of seeking and applying godly wisdom in difficult situations?

Think about King Solomon, who, when offered anything in the world, chose wisdom to lead his people. His story shows us that God’s wisdom can turn a king into a legend. Or look at Joseph, whose God-given insight saved an entire nation from famine. These stories aren't just ancient tales, they're examples for us, showing us that when we seek and apply God’s wisdom, we unlock doors that would otherwise stay firmly shut. It’s like having a cheat code for life’s toughest challenges.

3. In what ways can Christians cultivate a habit of seeking God's wisdom and understanding in both small and large decisions?

Cultivating the habit of seeking godly wisdom is like planting a garden (I always seem to mention this but that's because it's the perfect example). It takes time, effort, and daily care. Start your day with prayer, asking God for His guidance, just like watering your plants. Dive into His Word, soaking up His teachings like sunlight for your soul. When decisions come your way, big or small, pause and ask for His insight. It’s these small, consistent steps that grow a thriving garden of wisdom and understanding in our hearts.

4. How can we recognize and discern wisdom from God when He speaks to us through various means?

Recognizing wisdom from God is like tuning into the right radio frequency – you’ve got to filter out the static. God’s wisdom often brings peace, clarity, and a sense of direction that feels right deep inside. It might come through a scripture, a whisper in prayer, or advice from a trusted friend. The key is to stay open and attentive, checking everything against His Word. When it’s from God, it resonates with truth and brings light to our path, guiding us steadily forward.

5. What practical steps can we take to ensure we are consistently valuing and applying wisdom and understanding in our lives?

To consistently value and apply wisdom and understanding, we need to make it a daily priority, like brushing our teeth or eating breakfast. Start with a prayer for wisdom and understanding every morning, inviting God into every part of your day. Keep a journal of insights and guidance He gives, reflecting on them regularly. Surround yourself with wise, godly counsel – people who reflect His wisdom in their lives. And most importantly, act on the wisdom He provides, trusting that His ways are higher than ours and lead to life’s richest blessings.

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