10 Interesting Facts About Prayer In The Bible

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The Bible is filled with many interesting facts about prayer. Knowing and understanding how our prayers work can lead to many more answered prayers.

Interesting information, facts, numbers, and more are shown below in this article on prayer.

1. How many answered prayers are there in the Bible?

There are over 400 occurrences in the Word of God about prayer that was answered. The fact that God answers prayer is encouraging.

2. How often did Jesus pray?

The Bible reveals 25 times that Jesus prayed while He was here on earth. What He prayed about is a wonderful example to us.

3. What is the right position in which to pray to God?

As we look through the Word of God we find that people prayed while walking, standing, with their hands up, sitting, kneeling, and prostrate on the ground.

4. How can we unleash the power of prayer?

The Bible says to first make prayer number one in your life. It also mentions that we need to expect the answer when we pray. And lastly, we need to walk in love so that our prayers are not hindered.

5. When is prayer first mentioned in God's Word?

There is a debate about this but scholars generally agree that it occurred in Genesis 3 and 4.

6. How often did Paul talk about prayer?

Scripture reveals that Paul talked about prayer 41 times.

7. How many prayers are in the Bible?

The Word of God mentions over 600 prayers in the Bible!

8. What does "Amen" mean?

The word "Amen" is defined as “so be it,” “verily,” “truly”, and “let it be. 

9. How many types of prayers are there in the Bible?

There are 9 types of prayers that God's Word mentions. 

Here is a list of them:

1) Prayer of faith

2) Prayer of agreement

3) Prayer of petition

4) Prayer of thanksgiving

5) Prayer of dedication

6) Prayer of intercession

7) Prayer of imprecation

8) Praying in the spirit

9) Prayer of worship

10. What does fervent in prayer mean?

Fervency in the Bible is when we pray and it brings God's power into any situation. It releases the will of God into any situation. It's like a fire within us that empowers us to persevere. It is with this power that we will pray through until we see God's answer to our prayer.

An interesting fact to prayer is that you don't have to close your eyes to pray.

Why does God want us to pray?

God wants us to pray to Him because it is a time of fellowship with Him. God enjoys when we pray because in His presence we can be restored and energized. There is a very tangible peace that happens when one prays to God. The Bible says that we are to pray at all times and in every way possible. That is how important prayer is to Him.

What does the Bible tell us about prayer?

The Bible says many things about our prayers. It says that we should pray without ceasing. It instructs us to be fervent and bold when praying. Jesus says in Matthew 11:22-24 that when we pray, we should believe we receive the answer while we are praying. God's Word says that prayer should be done in faith, trusting God that He will be faithful to His promises in your life.

What is the most important thing about prayer?

The number one thing when it comes to prayer is consistency. Prayer is essentially fellowship with God so it's important to pray every day. This time is special because it's when you communicate with the Lord. It's important and should be treated as highly valuable. Praying should be as easy as talking to a friend. That is all God asks of us.

What are the 4 types of prayer?

There are four different types of prayer that cover numerous topics. Here they are in a list:

1) Adoration

2) Contrition

3) Thanksgiving

4) Supplication

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