Time Spent With God Is Never Wasted

Daily Effective Prayer Newsletter Issue 161


And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart. - Jeremiah 29:13

The reality is we have to take authority over our flesh every day.

We must resist the temptation that continually suggests that we don't bother growing closer to God.

That persistent spirit of mediocrity whispers in our hearts and tells us that getting to know God even more, is not worth the effort.

The truth is that a decision to spend time with God is a serious spiritual matter.

In fact, it is as serious a decision as any we will make.

If I needed to go to the hospital on Monday morning at 7:45 AM because I was donating one of my organs to save my wife's life, there isn't any other appointment on the planet that would take precedence over that.

There is nothing anyone could ask me to do that would surpass the importance of being there right on time, no matter how appealing it might be.

My wife's life depends on my commitment.

We should be that intentional and deliberate about spending time with God.

The quality of our lives in all aspects is greatly affected by our time in His presence.

As a result, that time should be a major priority in our schedules.

Here's one reason we've become careless in spending time with the Lord.

We know He will always be there.

We know that if we go do that "thing", God is always available after we get back.

We can easily skip or reschedule our commitment to Him so that we can go do something else that we feel is more critical at the moment.

However, if we shift our perspective and make spending time with God the ultimate priority, we might not have so many "critical" situations.

If we are more serious about God than anything else, we will likely experience less of these "pressing" events that take up our time, attention, and energy.

It's true, sometimes when we spend time with the Lord, it doesn't always "feel" like He is there or that we grew closer to Him.

However, we walk by faith and not by sight, so we know that time spent with God is never wasted, even if our feelings suggest otherwise.

God sees to it that the good seeds we sow in His presence (regardless of how we feel) will still produce a good harvest for us.

By being consistent in scheduling God first in our lives, we will reach new heights in our walk with Him.

His Word will become even more alive to us.

We'll enjoy a closer fellowship with Him.

We'll recognize and see His Holy Spirit working in our lives and directing our steps more.

We'll hear His voice more and more clearly.

So, keep being serious about your time spent with God.

It's worth every minute you invest and it always pays rich, eternal dividends.

If this resonates with you, here's a short prayer you can say today:

"Dear God, I step into Your presence with a heart full of gratitude and a desire to deepen my relationship with You. Please forgive me for allowing other things to take precedence over spending time with You. I commit to making You the top priority in my life and dedicating more time to seeking You, knowing You, and growing closer to You. Help me to be disciplined and intentional in this pursuit. In Jesus Name, amen."

God bless you! 

Your brother in Christ,



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Daily prayer to put God first.


Why is spending time with God important?

Spending time with God is of utmost importance for us because it allows us to deepen our relationship with Him, align our hearts and minds with His will, and receive guidance, wisdom, and peace. When we prioritize spending time with Him, we open ourselves up to His presence and invite Him to work in and through us.

In the stillness of His presence, we find peace and strength, and we are reminded of His faithfulness and love for us. It is through intimate communion with God that we are transformed, renewed, and empowered to live a life that is pleasing to Him and brings glory to His Name.

How does spending time with God impact our relationship with Him?

Spending time with God is paramount in nurturing and deepening our relationship with Him. When we intentionally set aside time to seek His presence, listen to His voice, and commune with Him in prayer and meditation, we open ourselves up to His guidance, wisdom, and love. Through this intimate connection, our hearts are transformed, and we become more attuned to His will and purposes.

As we spend time with the Lord, we develop a deeper understanding of His character and learn to align our thoughts, desires, and actions with His. Our relationship with Him becomes a journey of constant growth, trust, and surrender. We come to know Him not just as a distant God, but as a faithful and loving Father who desires to be intimately involved in every aspect of our lives. The more we invest in this relationship, the more we experience His peace, joy, and abundant life.

What are practical ways to spend time with God in our daily lives?

In our daily lives, there are practical ways to spend time with God that can deeply enrich our spiritual journey. Firstly, setting aside intentional time each day for prayer and meditation in His Word allows us to connect with Him on a personal level. This can be done through reading the Bible, reflecting on its teachings, and seeking guidance through prayer. Secondly, incorporating acts of service and kindness into our daily routines can be a way of expressing our love for God and others. 

Whether it is volunteering in our community or simply helping a neighbor in need, these actions reflect the heart of God and can deepen our relationship with Him. Actively seeking opportunities to worship and praise the Lord, whether through attending church services or joining a worship group, can create moments of connection and adoration.

What barriers or distractions hinder us from spending time with God, and how can we overcome them?

Intentionally carve out dedicated time each day to commune with God in prayer and reading the Bible. Whether it be in the early morning, during a lunch break, or before bedtime, find a consistent time that works best for you and make it a priority. Disconnect from distractions such as technology or busy schedules and create a space that allows you to focus solely on your relationship with God.

Engage in reading and studying the Bible, allowing its words to come alive and speak to your heart. Journal your thoughts, prayers, and reflections, creating a written dialogue with God. Seek out opportunities to serve others and extend kindness and love, recognizing that every act can be a way of connecting with the divine. Surround yourself with a community of fellow believers who can encourage and support your spiritual journey.

In all these practices, remember that spending time with God is not a mere obligation, but a privilege and source of true fulfillment.

How does spending time with God impact other areas of our lives, such as relationships, decision-making, and personal growth?

Spending time with God has a profound impact on all areas of our lives. When we prioritize our relationship with Him, our relationships with others are transformed. We are able to love and forgive others as God loves and forgives us. Our decision-making is also guided by His wisdom and discernment, enabling us to make choices that align with His will.

As we spend time in His presence, our personal growth is nurtured and we are continually transformed into His likeness. Our character is refined, and we become more patient, kind, and compassionate. Communing with the Lord not only deepens our relationship with Him, but also positively influences every aspect of our lives.

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  1. This ministry brings a lot of encouragement and spiritual guidance to me. Ever since I’ve come back to Lord I’ve had a deeper hunger to truly build my relationship with Him and commit to spending time in prayer and the Bible. The Holy Spirit has been encouraging me through my process of growing. I like that it was mentioned that we don’t always feel God’s presence, but the He is with us. In these moments I just start praising God for His goodness and work of His hands on this earth and I brought back to worship and awe of Him. Looking back I can see His faithfulness to me and his protection; even when I didn’t deserve it. The more time I spend with Him, the more desire I have to seek His Kingdom and proclaim His goodness in my life. This was a valuable and true teaching.

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