Welcome to the prayer to break past patterns and start on a new path in Christ.

This is a prayer I’ve put together where I would like to pray for anyone within the sound of my voice.

All I ask you to do, is to agree with me as I pray, and together we will seek our Heavenly Father.

Let us pray…

Heavenly Father, we gather together and come into agreement in the wonderful and powerful Name of Jesus Christ.

Where two or more are gathered there You’ll be in the midst of us and anything we agree upon as touching You will surely do.

Father in Jesus Name, there is no distance in the spirit and we thank You for the person I am praying for who desires a prayer to break past patterns and start on a new path in Christ.

Father, it is time for old, unproductive behaviours and attitudes to go.

They are raising their hand, stepping forward, and together in prayer, we are asking for your help.

Please forgive them for wasting Your time in the past and focusing on things that don’t matter.

The old has to go.

They want to walk in the spirit and please You. You are their everything!

The next time they are tempted to go back to their old patterns help them through the power of the Holy Spirit to overcome.

They want their new nature in Christ to dominate their life.

Yes, please help them to keep their head on straight and not to allow the old way they’d handle things to empower their flesh and stir them up to do things that are wrong.

The person I am praying for is ready to throw out the old to make room for a new level in Christ!

Right here and now, we are calling on You to help them cut off their past patterns so they can start on a new path in Christ!


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We decree and declare that they are not dominated by their old fleshly patterns but by Your Holy Spirit.

Yes, we decree and declare that they are completely committed to the Lordship of Jesus Christ in their life!


Pleasing You every day is what they long to do.

Praise You that with Your help, they refuse to let their old patterns lead them astray. No more!

Today, the person I am praying for has decided to take up their cross and follow wherever You lead them Father!

They are serious about their life You’ve blessed them with!

They are serious about going where You call them and doing what You want them to.

Their old self was crucified with Christ! Praise Your Name forever!

We believe and receive everything we’ve prayed and give You glory in advance for this prayer is answered!

In the wonderful and precious Name of Jesus we pray, amen.

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Scripture References

Mark 11:20-25, Colossians 3:9-10, Ephesians 4:22-24, Romans 6:6, Galatians 5:25, 1 Peter 2:1, John 10:10