Powerful Prayers For Dogs – Pray For Them Every Day

A dog lays down as their owner prays over them.

Prayers for dogs can be an important way to show God your devotion and love for your canine companion. Prayers can be a powerful tool, especially when focusing on the welfare of our beloved pets. 

Through prayer, we are able to ask God for help with their health, safety and happiness. Prayer is not only used as a form of protection for dogs, but also to express gratitude for blessings received from God through our furry friends. 

Praying can provide comfort and assurance during times of difficulty or concern which can often come with having a pet.

Lastly, praying does not need to follow any particular formula. We talk to God about our dog like we would a friend.

Therefore, prayer has many benefits when used towards our loving dog companions and should always be considered by pet owners who want the best for their life.

Here are some powerful prayers you can use to pray over your dog today.

Two dogs run while they're prayed over.

Healing Prayer For Your Dog

Dear Lord,

I come to You today with a prayer for the dog in my life. I am devoted to my canine companion and I ask You to watch over them and protect them from harm. 

Keep them safe on their journeys, both physical and spiritual, so that they can find happiness and fulfillment in their lives.

I ask that You bring peace and comfort where they may be suffering from physical or emotional pain. 

Bless their body with healing and help them find relief from any ailments or illnesses they may be facing.

I rebuke all sickness and disease right now, in Jesus Name. 

Give strength to those where they are weak and courage to where they need it most.

Give me wisdom on how to be an even better caregiver so that my dog may lead a healthier, happier life.

I also pray for those dogs who have lost their owners or homes due to circumstances beyond anyone's control.

Please keep these pups safe until they can find good homes where they will be loved and appreciated as individuals. 

Grant them solace during these difficult times, while still giving hope that they will be reunited with good people soon enough.

Finally, I thank You for bringing such a wonderful dog(s) into my life! Thank You for the unconditional love that they show me. This type of love is truly priceless.


Watch The Prayer For My Dog Below:

Miracle Prayer For Sick Dog

Heavenly Father, I come to You in prayer for the healing of my beloved dog. 

I understand that all life comes from You, and only You can restore it.

Lord, I ask that You would bring a miracle healing to my canine companion, in Jesus Name.

I place my trust in You and Your Word.

I believe and declare Your loving power and mercy over this precious animal’s body. 

Lord, I pray for complete restoration - that all sickness and illness will be replaced by Your perfect health.

I also rebuke any pain or discomfort caused by their illness right now. I command it to go now and be replaced with comfort. 

God, I thank You for the privilege of having this dear dog in my life, and humbly ask that they may stay with me for many more happy years ahead. 

In Jesus Name I pray, amen!

Prayer To Look After Your Furry Friend

Dear God,

Thank You for blessing me with my furry friend. I am so grateful to have them in my life, and I feel blessed to be able to shower them with love and affection.

I humbly ask that You keep my pup safe, healthy and happy in all areas of their life.

Please guide and protect them as they explore the world around them.

Help them to stay away from danger while they sniff out every corner.

May they always find joy in the small moments that pass by quickly.

Please also continue to bless me with understanding and patience as I learn how to better care for my dog.

Teach me how best to provide the right nutrition, exercise and mental stimulation that is necessary for a happy and healthy life.

I thank You for keeping my canine companion close on this journey of life, and may they always feel Your presence near their side. 

In Jesus Name, amen.

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  1. Please help me pray for my sweet dog. He’s 12, been with me and by me thru hell and back and is now in pain from arthritis. I have lost so much – marriage, home, family, car, job, relationships, my 2 siblings died, my dad died, I had to place my mom in a facility last week – she has dementia and has no idea who I even am. I was her only caregiver for 10 years. My sweet dog was there with me every moment. I can’t bear the thoughts of losing him and I know Jesus is the Great Healer, the Great Physician. The laws of nature and/or “common sense” or realism mean nothing to God – He actually made them all. Please help me pray for Cujo, my sweet beautiful dog.

    1. please pray for my furry baby Penny. He”s. Got,a heart condition and only 11 yrs old. He lost his first mama when he was only 3 and we had the honor to get him and he is th sweetest thing. He loves me to death, and I can’t bare the lost of him. Please Lord let him live a little longer, not my willl but yours.

    2. I pray the blood of Jesus Christ over your precious Dog. I declare full healing on your dog, IN JESUS NAME AMEN

  2. Please pray for our puppy for a past few days his totally diff. He dont feel good . Pakkun is a active dog please help us to pray for him that everything will be normal again. πŸ™

  3. Pray for our dog Max. He just turned 10, he is a miniature schnauzer. On March he was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease, then he loss his vision. After CT scans, MRI our nightmare started, he was diagnosed with nose/brain cancer. We went thru 22 sessions of radiation. His last radiation session was last week, this past 3 days has been really hard on him. I’m asking for prayers so Max can be healed and be a happy dog againπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  4. Please pray for my beloved Webbie, my sweet beautiful dog. He was mauled and was seriously injured Sunday night( by what/ who) I do not know. He has been in shock & severe pain. The vet has asked me about putting him down and I cannot bring myself to not fight for him. Please pray for him to gain strength in the next 36 hours for when surgery is scheduled. We know now that his ear will have to be removed and a lot of dead tissue in his neck. He’s a beautiful kind spirited β€œ loves everyone/ anyone with all his heart. I can’t bear the thought of losing him & I know Jesus is the Great Healer I just pray I’m not keeping him in pain to ease my pain of loosing him. Pray for the infection, pray for the Vet that she will have her hands guided by Jesus so he can be healed and his spirit can live on.Lord I just ask you bring a miracle healing to my Webbie

    1. Dear Cheryl, my heart feels for you and Webbie. God, almighty Healer, lift up Your mighty hands and place them on your precious creation, Webbie, for perfect healing that can only come from You, our magnificent Creator and almighty Healer. Amen.

  5. Please pray for my sweet 14-year-old Maltese. She has been getting an increase in seizures at this time. I’m a senior who lives alone now and took care of my Mom until she passed. This dog has been a true companion to me.
    Thank you and God bless.

  6. Please pray for my sweet 14-year-old Maltese. She has been getting an increase in seizures at this time. I’m a senior who lives alone now and took care of my Mom until she passed. This dog has been a true companion to me.
    Thank you and God bless.

  7. I pray for Tiny who will be having an operation.
    Please pray he comes thru it healthy and happy again.

  8. Please pray for my poodle Penny, he has a heart condition and no energy to play like he use. He’s got a terrible cough, the medicine does not seem to help. He is all we have and can’t loose him. He is sure a sweet pet. He lost his 1st mom about 7 years ago and we took him, we had just 2 at the same times d he was a blessing to us. Please heal him Lord. Amen

  9. Please pray for Rosie. She has kidney disease and is in the hospital with another infection. She is 15 and we’ve been so blessed for time but my husband needs a little longer with her. She still enjoys life. I’m not much of a believer. But I am asking the universe or God or Jesus to please make it better. Please give us more time to love her.

  10. Please pray for my maltipoo Dabong. He lost all sensation in his hind legs and had to undergo emergent surgery on his spine. He is still in critical condition, please pray that God will heal his sickness and give him the strength to fight this disease and to regain his mobility. Pray that he recovers in full health and that he knows how much his family and God loves him. Dabong is in our prayers and we pray for a long healthy life for our dear beloved dog.

  11. Prayers for Gia πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌβ™₯️β™₯️β™₯️πŸ₯ΉπŸ₯ΉπŸ₯Ή

  12. Please pray for our Oreo. He had to have an operation on his back. He had 3 ruptured discs. Before surgery, he had some feeling in his back legs. But right now he doesn’t. We are praying some feeling comes back. Please remember him in your prayers.

  13. Please pray for my dog Arthur who is 8 years old. He was diagnosed with intestinal cancer over the summer and became very ill. Miraculously, he recovered and was expected to live trouble free for at least a year. However he is currently enduring another flare up and not doing well. He wont eat and has lost a lot of weight. Please pray for any discomfort he is experiencing and for healthy eating once again πŸ™

  14. We just lost our 15 year old dog, and now we have 2 dogs who need prayer:

    WINNIE – Our 10 week old puppy who was diagnosed with a heart murmur.

    CHARLES – Our senior dog with heart and kidney problems. Please pray ❀️

  15. Please I’m begging pray for my little risky πŸ₯Ί I love him so much and don’t want to lose him. I really don’t know what’s wrong but he is just unwell. We took him to the vet but they found nothing. so please help me

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