List Of Names In The Bible From A To Z (Their Biblical Meanings)

List of names in the Bible from A to Z.

Are you curious about the fascinating list of names in the Bible from A to Z?

From Adam to Zechariah, each name carries its own significance and meaning. 

We will embark on a journey through the alphabet, exploring the rich tapestry of names that grace the pages of the Bible.

As we dive into this alphabetical adventure, we will uncover the stories behind these names, discovering their cultural and historical context.

From the mighty heroes to the humble servants, each individual plays a unique role in God's grand narrative.

With each name, we will unravel the threads of their character, exploring their strengths, weaknesses, and the lessons we can learn from their lives.

These names are more than mere labels, they represent real people with real struggles and triumphs, offering us insights into our own human nature.

What does a list of names in the Bible from A to Z mean?

The list of names in the Bible from A to Z holds great significance and meaning.

It represents the vastness and diversity of God's creation, showcasing the multitude of individuals who have played a part in His story of redemption. 

From Adam, the first man, to Zechariah, the prophet, each name carries a unique identity and purpose within the biblical narrative. 

It reminds us that God knows and values each person individually, weaving their lives into His grand plan of salvation. 

As we explore these names, we can glean valuable insights into God's character, His faithfulness, and His desire to reconcile humanity to Himself.

A Bible is laying open on a table with a list of biblical names.

The complete list of biblical names and their meanings

Abel - Breath, Vanity

Abraham - Father of a Multitude

Adam - Earth, Man

Ahab - Uncle, Brother of the Father

Amos - Burden, Burden-bearer

Andrew - Manly, Strong

Asher - Happy, Blessed

Asshur - Who is Upright, Who is Happy

Abaddon - Destruction, Ruin

Abagtha - Father of Fortune

Abednego - Servant of Nego (a Babylonian deity)

Abigail - Father's Joy

Anna - Favor, Grace, Beautiful

Baal - Lord, Master

Baal-hanan - Baal is gracious

Baara - Burning

Baaseiah - In the assembly of the Lord

Baalath - Mistress, Lady

Baasha - He seeks or gnashes

Babylon - Confusion, mixture

Babylonian - Pertaining to Babylon

Baali - My lord

Babylonish - Pertaining to Babylon

Barachel - God has blessed me

Caleb - "Faithful, devotion"

Cain - "Possession"

Cainan - "Dwelling"

Caleb - "Devotion, bold"

Canaan - "Land of purple"

Candace - "Pure, sincere"

Carcas - "Fortune"

Carmi - "My vineyard"

Chalcol - "Perfect"

Chaldeans - "Wise, astrologers"

Chelub - "My heart"

Chenani - "Of God's graciousness"

Cheran - "My anger"

Chezib - "Falsehood"

Chilion - "Pining"

Chimham - "Longing"

Chloe - "Blooming"

Chorazin - "Furnace"

Christ - "Anointed One"

Cis - "Hard, stiff"

Claudia - "Lame"

Cleopas - "Of a renowned father"

Clement - "Mild, gentle"

Cleophas - "Of a renowned father"

Cnidus - "Nettle"

Cozbi - "Lie, falsehood"

Coz - "Thorn"

David - Beloved or cherished

Daniel - God is my judge

Deborah - Bee or honey bee

Delilah - Delicate or weak

Dorcas - Gazelle

Dinah - Judged or vindicated

Darius - Upholder or possessor

Demetrius - Devoted to Demeter (Greek goddess of agriculture)

Dathan - Fountain or law

Davidic - Related to David

Deuteronomy - Second law

Dedan - Low country or pasture

Darda - Pearl of wisdom

Dan - Judge or he will judge

Daughter of Zion - Symbolic reference to Jerusalem

Dawn - Early morning or the beginning

Dedication - Act of consecrating or setting apart for a divine purpose

Eber - "the region beyond"

Eden - "delight"

Edom - "red"

Elam - "eternity"

Eliezer - "God is my help"

Elisha - "God is salvation"

Elkanah - "God has possessed"

Enoch - "dedicated" or "initiated"

Ephraim - "fruitful"

Esau - "hairy" or "rough"

Ethan - "firmness" or "strength"

Eve - "life" or "living"

Ezekiel - "God will strengthen"

Faith - Complete trust and confidence in God.

Festus - Joyful or festive.

Felix - Happy or fortunate.

Fenelon - Little marsh or wetland.

Festus - Festive or joyful.

Filthy - Dirty or impure.

Fisher - One who catches fish.

Folly - Foolishness or lack of wisdom.

Fortunatus - Lucky or prosperous.

Festus - Festive or joyful.

Felix - Happy or fortunate.

Fenelon - Little marsh or wetland.

Fisher - One who catches fish.

Folly - Foolishness or lack of wisdom.

Fortunatus - Lucky or prosperous.

Gideon - "mighty warrior"

Goliath - "exile" or "uncover"

Gamaliel - "reward of God"

Gehazi - "valley of vision"

Gad - "fortune" or "luck"

Gideon - "feller" or "hewer"

Gabriel - "God is my strength"

Gedaliah - "Yahweh is great"

Geber - "manly"

Gershom - "a stranger there"

Gomer - "completion" or "to complete"

Gazelle - "graceful" or "swift"

Gebal - "boundary" or "border"

Gadarenes - "reward at the end" or "reward of the high place"

Gareb - "scabby" or "scrape"

Gilboa - "boiling spring" or "swimming pool"

Golgotha - "place of a skull" or "place of a head"

Gabbatha - "elevated place" or "platform"

Goshen - "approaching" or "drawing near"

Hagar - "flight" or "emigration"

Haggai - "festive" or "festal"

Ham - "hot" or "burnt"

Hananiah - "Yahweh has been gracious"

Hannah - "grace" or "favor"

Haran - "mountaineer" or "barren"

Haven - "place of safety" or "refuge"

Hazael - "God has seen"

Hazarmaveth - "village of death"

Heber - "passing over" or "one who crosses over"

Hebron - "association" or "fellowship"

Ichabod - The glory has departed.

Ignatius - Fiery one.

Ira - Watchful.

Isaac - He will laugh, laughter.

Isaiah - God is salvation.

Ishmael - God hears.

Israel - God contends or strives with man/strives with God.

Itiel โ€“ God is my strength or labour of God.

Ithamar- Palm island, island of palms

Jabez - sorrowful or borne in pain

Jacob - supplanter or deceiver

Jadon - God has heard or God has judged

Jael - mountain goat or wild goat

Jair - one who enlightens or one who shines

Jairus - Jehovah has enlightened or Jehovah has uplifted

Japheth - enlarged or fair

Jared - one who descends or one who rules

Jason - healer or one who cures

Jehoahaz: Yahweh has seized or Yahweh has grasped

Jehoiachin Yahweh establishes or Yahweh will establish

Jehoiada - known by Yahweh or Yahweh knows

Jehoiakim - Yahweh raises or Yahweh establishes

Jehoram - Yahweh is exalted or Yahweh is elevated

Jehoshaphat - Yahweh has judged or Yahweh has rendered judgment

Jehu - Yahweh is he or Yahweh is God

Jeremiah - Yahweh will raise or Yahweh will exalt

Jeroboam - the people contend or the people increase

Jerubbaal - let Baal contend or let Baal rule

Jerusalem - foundation of peace or possession of peace

Jeshua - Yahweh is salvation or Yahweh saves

Jesse - gift or wealthy

Jesus - Yahweh is salvation or Yahweh saves

Jethro - abundance or superiority

Joab - Yahweh is father or Yahweh is my father

Joah - Yahweh is brother or Yahweh is my brother

Joanna - Yahweh is gracious or Yahweh is merciful

Joash - Yahweh is strong or Yahweh is firm

Job - persecuted or hated

Jochebed - Yahweh is glory or Yahweh is honor

Joel - Yahweh is God or Yahweh is willing

John - Yahweh is gracious or Yahweh is merciful

Jonah - dove or pigeon

Jonathan - Yahweh has given or Yahweh has bestowed

Joram - exalted by Yahweh or elevated by Yahweh

Jordan - descending or flowing down

Joseph - he will add or he will increase

Joshua - Yahweh is salvation or Yahweh saves

Josiah - Yahweh supports or Yahweh heals

Jotham - Yahweh is upright or Yahweh is perfect

Judah - praised or celebrated

Judas - praised or celebrated

Jude - praised or celebrated

A woman looks up Bible names and their meanings.

Kainan - Possession

Kedar - Black, Dark

Kedemah - Ancient

Kehelathah - Assembly, Congregation

Kehelahath - Assembly, Congregation

Kelaiah - God has taken away

Kelita - God conceals, hidden

Kemuel - God has raised up

Kenan - Possession

Kenezite - Descendant of Kenaz

Kenizzite - Descendant of Kenaz

Keziah - Cinnamon-like fragrance

Kibroth Hattaavah - Graves of Craving

Kidron - Dark, Tenebrous

Kir - Wall, Fortress

Kir Haraseth - Fortress or city of Moab

Kir Heres - City of Media

Kir Ijareseth - City of Media

Kislev - Ninth month of the Hebrew calendar

Kitron - Spur, Thorn

Koa - Hopeful, Strong, Brave

Kohath - Assembly, Congregation

Korah - Ice, Snow, Baldness

Koz - Thorn bush, Thorn

Kushaiah - Bow of the Lord

Kushan-Rishathaim - Double-wicked Kushan

Kushite - Descendant of Cush

Levi - attached or joined

Lot - veil or covering

Lamech - powerful or mighty

Laban - white or shining

Lazarus - God has helped

Luke - light-giving or illumination

Lois - desirable or pleasing

Lucius - light or shining

Lemuel - devoted to God

Lydia - from Lydia, a region in Asia Minor

Leah - weary or tired

Lazarus - God has helped

Lydia - from Lydia, a region in Asia Minor

Leah - weary or tired

Moses - "drawn out" or "son"

Miriam - "rebellious" or "bitter"

Melchizedek - "king of righteousness"

Methuselah - "man of the dart" or "man of the javelin"

Micah - "who is like Yahweh"

Matthew - "gift of Yahweh" or "gift from God"

Mark - "warlike" or "hammer"

Mary - "bitter" or "beloved"

Martha - "lady" or "mistress"

Marah - "bitterness" or "rebellion"

Malachi - "messenger of God" or "my messenger"

Magi - "wise men" or "astrologers"

Manasseh - "causing to forget" or "one who forgets"

Matthew - "gift of Yahweh" or "gift from God"

Mordecai - "devotee of Marduk" or "servant of Marduk"

Nadab - 'generous.'

Nahum - 'comfort.'

Nathan - 'God has given.'

Nehemiah - 'The Lord comforts.'

Noah - 'rest, comfort' or literally โ€˜long-lastingโ€™.

Noe - 'movement, migratory'.

Nogah - 'Beauty, splendor'.

Nahor - in the Hebrew language, โ€œsnortingโ€ or โ€œgruntingโ€.

Naamah - pleasant.

Naphtali - โ€˜struggle/wrestlingโ€™.

A man looks at a list of all the Bible names.

Obadiah - Servant of the Lord.

Oded - Restored or strengthened by Jehovah.

Ofrah - Fawn or young Deer.

Og - Long-necked, Strength.

Ohad - Unity, Gathering Together.

Oholah - Her Own Tabernacle.

Oholibah - My Tent is in Her.

Omri - Servant of God or Verdure of God.

Onam - Pleasantness or Reliable Strength.

Onan - Mourner's luck, Vigour and strength was granted to him from the Lord.

Ophel - Bulwark of God, Serpents Mound.

Osborn - Probably derived from Osiris, a god worshipped in ancient Egypt, meaning "one who rules all".

Othniel - Lion of God or The Force/Strength/Army Of God

Penuel - Face of God

Pharaoh - Great House

Pharisees - Separated Ones

Philemon Affectionate

Philip - Lover of Horses

Philetus - Friendly

Phinehas - Oracle

Phlegon - Burning Ones

Phygellus - Sound, Healthy

Pilate - Skilled with a Spear

Pisgah - Cleft

Pison - Increase

Plato - Broad

Pontius - Sea

Poplius - Grandfather

Porcius - Pig

Potiphar - Bull of the Sun

Prisca - Ancient

Priscilla - Ancient

Publius - Public

Pudens - Shamefaced

Purim - Lot

Put - Opened

Quartus โ€“ Born fourth

Quirinius โ€“ Wielder of the spear

Reuben - Behold, a son!

Rachel - Ewe, female sheep

Reuel - Friend of God

Ruth - Companion, friend

Rezin - Firm, steady

Rizpah - Hot stone, live coal

Rufus - Red-haired

Saul - "asked for" or "prayed for"

Samson - "sun" or "a sun and shield"

Samuel - "heard by God" or "name of God"

Sarah - "princess" or "noblewoman"

Simeon - "he who hears" or "obedient"

Solomon - "peaceful" or "peace-loving"

Stephen - "crown" or "crowned one"

Seth - "appointed" or "placed"

Silas - "man of the forest" or "wood-dweller"

Shem - "name" or "renown"

Simeon - "he who hears" or "obedient"

Thaddeus: "Courageous heart" or "praise"

Tamar: "Date palm" or "palm tree"

Tobias: "God is good" or "Yahweh is good"

Titus: "Giant" or "honorable"

Timothy: "Honoring God" or "one who honors God"

Tabitha: "Gazelle" or "doe"

Thomas: "Twin" or "a twin"

Trinity: "Threefold" or "three in one"

Tychicus: "Fortunate" or "fortunate one"

Uzzah - "strength" or "courage"

Uzziah - "my strength is Jehovah"

Uzziel - "God is my strength"

Vashti - "beautiful" or "goodness"

Vine - Refers to the vine plant

Vashtai - "beautiful" or "goodness"

Vophsi -"my guile or my falsehood"

Zacchaeus - "pure" or "innocent"

Zebedee - "gift of God"

Zebulun - "dwelling" or "honor"

Zedekiah - "righteousness of the Lord"

Zephaniah - "hidden by God"

Zerubbabel - "born in Babylon" or "seed of Babylon"

Ziba - "posture" or "station"

Zillah - "shade" or "shadow"

Zimri - "praiseworthy" or "my music"

Zophar - "sparrow" or "twittering"

A woman looks at a list of biblical names that she likes.

Why choose biblical names for your baby?

Choosing biblical names for your baby is a powerful way to acknowledge and honor the presence of God in their life. 

It is a declaration that your child is destined for greatness and has a divine purpose to fulfill.

By giving your child a biblical name, you are inviting God to guide and protect them throughout their journey. 

It is a way of entrusting their life into the hands of the Lord and believing that He has a specific plan for them.

Biblical names hold deep meaning and significance, often representing virtues, qualities, or events that are important in the Christian faith.

They carry a sense of tradition and connect your child to the rich history of the Bible.

When you choose a biblical name for your baby, you are instilling a sense of identity and purpose from an early age.

It serves as a reminder that they are part of a larger story, a chosen people called to live a life that glorifies God.

The power of a biblical name is not just in its sound or popularity, but in the spiritual significance it carries.

It is a proclamation of faith and an invitation for the Holy Spirit to work in and through your child's life.

What is the most powerful name in the Bible?

The most powerful name in the Bible is the name of Jesus Christ.

It is a name that carries authority, healing, and deliverance. 

Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

There is no other name given under heaven by which we must be saved.

The power of the Holy Spirit is manifested through the name of Jesus. 

It is a name that brings hope, peace, and redemption. 

The name of Jesus is a name above all names, and it is through this name that miracles happen and lives are transformed.

Call upon the name of Jesus and experience the power of God in your life.

What is a popular biblical name?

One of the most popular biblical names is David.

It is a name that carries a significant meaning and is associated with one of the greatest kings in the history of Israel. 

David was a man after God's own heart, and his story serves as an inspiration to many.

A man holds a list of all the biblical names.

What baby name means gift from God?

The name Matthew means gift from God, as it is derived from the Hebrew name "Matityahu."

In the Bible, Matthew was one of the twelve apostles chosen by Jesus, and his gospel is a testament to the gift of salvation through Christ.

What name means loved by God?

The name Jedidiah is the one that means loved by God in the Bible.

It is a beautiful reminder of God's unconditional love for His people and His desire for us to experience His love in our lives.

What is a rare name in the Bible?

One such name is Zophar, a friend of Job who offered counsel during his trials. 

Another is Jabez, a man who prayed to God for blessings and was granted his request.

Let us not forget about Bezalel, a skilled craftsman chosen by God to construct the Tabernacle. 

These names may be lesser known, but they hold great significance in the tapestry of biblical history. 

What are some unique names out the Bible?

Here are a few that come to mind: Zerubbabel, Jabez, Elishama, Zophar, Huldah, and Ananias

These names may not be as well-known as David or Moses, but they hold their own significance and can inspire us to explore the lesser-known characters in the Bible.

List Of Biblical Names Bible Scripture Verses (KJV)

Proverbs 22:1 - A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold.

Isaiah 62:2 - And the Gentiles shall see thy righteousness, and all kings thy glory: and thou shalt be called by a new name, which the mouth of the LORD shall name.

Genesis 17:5 - Neither shall thy name any more be called Abram, but thy name shall be Abraham; for a father of many nations have I made thee.

Genesis 17:15
 - And God said unto Abraham, As for Sarai thy wife, thou shalt not call her name Sarai, but Sarah shall her name be.

John 15:16 - Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you.

2 Corinthians 5:17
- Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

Ecclesiastes 7:1 - A good name is better than precious ointment; and the day of death than the day of one's birth.

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