Prayer For Freedom From Bad Memories

Prayer for freedom from bad memories.

Welcome to the prayer for freedom from bad memories.

This is a prayer I’ve put together where I would like to pray for anyone within the sound of my voice.

All I ask you to do, is to agree with me as I pray, and together we will seek our Heavenly Father.

Let us pray…

Heavenly Father, we gather together and come into agreement in the wonderful and powerful Name of Jesus Christ.

Where two or more are gathered there You’ll be in the midst of us and anything we agree upon as touching You will surely do.

Father in Jesus Name, there is no distance in the spirit and we thank You for the listener who desires a prayer for freedom from bad memories.

Father, we are here right now because the listener acknowledges that bad memories are creeping up on them.

These bad memories are hindering them and causing them to stumble.

Remind the listener that You are their Deliverer. You are the One who came in and saved them from their past.

Give them the strength to shift their focus on to the good part of their past. The part where You delivered and rescued them.

You are awesome. You are faithful. You are their help!

Right now, together in prayer, they are drawing a line in the sand and they are making the surefire decision to turn their memories around.

Yes, we declare that they are seeing their past in the glorious light of Your faithfulness and power in Jesus Name!

We call forth good memories and good thoughts to flood their mind right now.

We call to remembrance the good things You have done for them.

Together in prayer we’re decreeing and declaring that the listener will never forget that You are well able to deliver them from whatever they face!

You are good. You are amazing. You are awesome! You never, ever fail.

No matter what comes against the listener, You are right there with them to deliver them!

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We praise and honor You right now because the fact that the listener is here praying with me, that in and of itself, is a miracle! They are still standing in Christ!

From this point on, they will see the good in their memories and reflect on how wonderful You’ve been to see them through the battle.

When bad thoughts and memories rise up, they will flip them on their back in Jesus Name! They will renew their mind by Your Word!

In Jesus Name they will continue to trust in You and believe that You are well able to deliver them from all affairs of life. You will complete what You have started in them!

We believe and receive everything we’ve prayed and give You glory in advance for this prayer is answered!

In the wonderful and precious Name of Jesus we pray, amen.

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Scripture References

Mark 11:20-25, Revelation 21:4, 2 Corinthians 5:17, John 16:33, John 14:1, John 10:10

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