Powerful Prayers For Cats – Pray For Them Every Day

A cat looks at the camera while their owner prays over them.

Prayers for cats are important because they can provide comfort and hope during difficult times. It allows us to connect with our feline friends more closely as well as show God that we don't take for granted the pet He has given us.

Through prayer, we are asking for God's help, protection, peace, healing, and blessings for our beloved cats. 

By praying regularly, we show that we are teachable and care about our cats’ wellbeing. We want them to live long, healthy lives surrounded by our love. 

Prayer also helps us develop a deeper connection with God and strengthens the bond between us and our animals. 

Ultimately, prayer for cats provides assurance that God will provide strength and support when they need it most.

Here are some powerful prayers for your feline friends.

A kitten looks down as it is prayed over.

Healing Prayer For Cats


I come to You today asking for Your healing touch to be placed upon my beloved cat. I thank You for the gift of their life and ask that they are given life-long health and wellness.

I pray that Your divine power will protect them from harm, sickness, and disease. I bind and rebuke any ailment in their body, in Jesus Name.

I also pray that they may find peace within themselves and with other cats around them. May they be filled with happiness and contentment in their daily lives.

Let their fur remain strong and lush, their eyes bright, and their hearts full of love.

Thank You that any ailments, pains or discomforts that have been inflicted upon them are being soothed away by Your anointing. Provide them with all the love and comfort they need during times of emotional stress or when facing health struggles.

Help me to care for my cat in a way that is both beneficial to their physical health as well as beneficial to their mentality.

Guide me towards making decisions on how I can best provide for all of my cats’ needs – mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually – so that they can live a long fulfilling life in comfort.

I thank You for the blessing of this cat in my life and humbly thank You for Your help in providing healing for any suffering or pain.

In Jesus Name, amen.

Watch The Prayer For My Cat Below:

A Miracle Prayer For Your Cat

Dear God,

I come to You today on behalf of my beloved cat. I ask for Your mercy and compassion upon them, as I entreat You for miraculous healing and restoration in their life.

I know that You are the Source of all life and health, so in Jesus Name, I speak wholeness over my cat right now.

Please touch them with Your tender care and love, strengthening their body and restoring them to full health.

I pray for overall wellness - that my cat will have vibrant energy, healthy digestion, strong heart and mind, clear vision and hearing, active mobility, successful reproduction cycles if needed, proper respiration rates, a balanced immune system functioning optimally, sound mental health, protection from predators or other dangers both in body and spirit - all according to Your will.

I thank You in advance for seeing this come to pass.

I also ask that You give me strength and courage during this challenging time of believing for a miracle.

Help me trust in Your plan even when it's hard to understand. Please give me patience as well as wisdom when caring for my cat during their recovery process.

Show me how best to provide comfort and support so they may feel secure in my care. Bless me with understanding of what is needed so I can be an effective caregiver for my feline friend.

Let me be mindful of their needs at all times so nothing slips through the cracks.

In Jesus Name I pray, amen.

Prayer To Bring Your Cat Back Home

Heavenly Father,

I humbly come before You and ask for Your guidance and protection for my beloved cat.

I pray that You would bring them home safely to me, knowing that they are a precious gift from You. I call on You to watch over them as they travel the unfamiliar roads and paths of life, and to keep them safe from harm.

As I wait in anticipation for their return, I trust in Your benevolence and faithfulness.

I thank You for blessing me with such a wonderful creature and giving me the opportunity to show my love by caring for my cat.

Please grant them strength and courage as they journey through life’s ups and downs. May they find joy in discovering the world around them, and may they have peace knowing that there is always a home waiting for them whenever they need it.

Most of all, dear Lord, please keep my beloved cat safe so that I can be reunited with them soon.

In Jesus Name, amen.

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      1. In Jesus Name I pray Lord, heal my cat Timothy from every sickness, viral infection, bacteria, cancerous growth, lump or otherwise. Let ALL sickness go from His body. Let any and every foreign body mites or anything that would trouble his health and comfort go away from him. Restore his ability to breath easily, clearly and freely. I pray for supernatural divine intervention and miracles to take place not only on Timothy’s behalf but for all children, God’s people, the sick in general and all the animals whatever their species. In Jesus’ Name with Thanksgiving. Amen & Amen

          1. I pray that the Lord heals my cat Marley and that he’s able to come home from the vet and live out the rest of his days here. In Jesus name let all sickness leave his body so he’s completely restored. I too pray for divine intervention and miracles for Marley. I pray for his full recovery for so that he may enjoy the rest of his days with his family. God Bless Marley. I thank you Lord for answering my prayers.

  1. Bless my cat Masha and keep her safe. If she is lost guide her home safely. If she is hurt help her to find a healing touch and bring her home. Let her know that she has a home waiting for her return. In His Name, Amen

  2. Please pray for P-kitty. She wandered away from home 24 hours ago. She is 6 years old and is indoor/outdoor and has never before disappeared. She is a petite cat and typically stays near my other 3 cats. I am so distraught, Susan. Thank you.

  3. Please pray for my cat jasmine, could well have a tumor or after covid not good not even one.But were given to me from god for my healing from covid and alot of things not ready to lose my cat

  4. Please say a prayer for the safe return of Samantha/ she is an indoor cat but got out while plumbers here. Missing her so much as her sister Nala does

  5. Please pray for my cat Filibee (aka Felix). He had dental surgery and a small growth removed from his neck. The blood work and tests before surgery showed he was completely healthy -all organ, etc. functioning normally. The surgery was successful and the biopsy on the growth growth showed it was negative. He was acting and eating normally until the day after his stitches were removed. Then his eating slowed and came to a complete stop. The vet ran more tests and he has no Feline leukemia or HIV, but his red count and white count were both way below normal. He has lost 3 lbs. and still will not eat. He is my baby. Loving and cuddly. Please pray for a miracle for him and for me. He goes back tomorrow for more blood work. Please pray for a miracle and that everything is normal and he starts eating again. My hgeart is breaking.

  6. Please pray for my relay. She has suddenly loss all movement below the waist. She is so alert and in no pain the doctors have thought me how to expel her but there is nothing we can do to help her have a bowel movement. If she doesn’t do this on her own she will have to be put to sleep..
    She is my best friend please God I’m begging for a miracle I will do whatever I need to care for her every day no matter the struggle stress or burden just please help me a little please god please

  7. Please pray for my two cats – Tiny and Kuttipuchi to return to us safely. It has been a month and we keep all hope on our Lord God to bring them back to us safe and healthy. Praying for all the prayer requests here. May all of our wishes be granted. Thank you. Amen.

  8. Please pray for my wonderful cat cookie. He is in the hospital right now very sick. Please help me pray for a miracle healing for him.

  9. I pray for my cat Amber to be fully healed of CKD mouth ulcer and have good health and appetite. Thank You Lord for gift of Amber in my life. Amen

  10. Please pray for my cats Kitty and Kimmy to overcome their anxiety and feel secured again in my house. I have two cousins staying with me right now and my cats were so scared,that the other one won’t come out of my closet and the other got out of the house and does not want to go back inside. I am also stressed bout this as they have been with me for years already and love them dearly. I feel so sorry to them for putting them in this situation.

  11. Please pray for my little Black Persian cat she is vomiting all her food back for 3 days,
    she is seeing the vet on Friday Thank you.

  12. My Simba was present when my home was burglarized three weeks ago. He has been hovering a lot. Yesterday he could not generate a stool and became lethargic. Today he is hovering. I am blessing him with holy oil and water and praying. I would like prayers for his health and comfort

  13. Please pray for my Izzy, she is have difficulty breathing from a lung tumor. Dear Father please allow her to breathe in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

  14. I pray for my baby Shadow. Kindly heal and cure Shadow’s digestive system and remove any illness or diseases or any inflammation or mass in his stomach. Please shine your miracle healing power into Shadow. Please restore Shadow’s digestive system so that he can have normal healthy stool again. Please protect Shadow from any disease, illness, and from any negative effects from the drugs and continue to bless Shadow’s renal system. Please allow Shadow’s immune system to be balanced and well. May Shadow live a happy, comfortable, and healthy life alongside us for many more years to come. Kindly bless everyone and their pets in the comments with your healing power. I believe in you and your powers that you will make Shadow well again. Thank you for your love and care. Amen.

  15. Can you pray that the Lord removes my cat Kiwi’s cancerous lung tumor, her lung nodules and the fluid in her lungs. I have prayed for 2 months, she is near death. I need a miracle. Thank you

  16. Please pray for my 2-year old cat, Indy. She needs divine intervention at this time. She is incredibly sick and hasn’t eaten anything or drank anything since Tuesday and it is now Sunday. She isn’t doing well. She is lethargic, barely moving. I know from past similar experiences that she doesn’t have much time left. She is a special cat who has brought a lot of joy into our lives these past 2 years. My husband found her about 2 years ago, on the Fourth of July, at a busy intersection. She was on the curb, under a pile of leaves. She was severely dehydrated and close to passing. My husband and God brought her back to life.

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