15 Uplifting God Is Great, God Is Good Prayers

God is great, God is good prayers.

It's time to embark on a spiritual journey that will revolutionize your prayer life and draw you nearer to God. In this blog series, we present to you 15 powerful prayers that magnify the greatness and goodness of our Heavenly Father.

These prayers are not mere recitations. They are heartfelt expressions of awe and gratitude for the boundless love and mercy we receive from God. 

Whether you are seeking strength in times of struggle, guidance in moments of confusion, or simply a deeper connection with the divine, these prayers will help you pour out your heart to the One who is great and good in every way.

Get ready to experience the transformative power of these prayers and witness the extraordinary work of God in your life.

15 God Is Great, God Is Good Prayers

1. Prayer for a deeper understanding of God's greatness and goodness

Almighty Father, I am in awe of Your greatness and goodness displayed in my life. Your love and mercy have been my constant companions, guiding me through every season and circumstance. Today, I ask for a deeper understanding of Your magnificence, that my heart may be filled with an unquenchable thirst for You. May Your Spirit reveal to me the depths of Your love, the greatness of Your power, and the richness of Your grace. 

Help me to see You in every aspect of my life, and to acknowledge Your hand upon me in both the highs and lows. Enable me to trust in Your perfect plan, knowing that Your ways are higher than my ways. As I seek a greater revelation of Your greatness and goodness, align my heart with Yours and transform me into a vessel that reflects Your love and glory. In Jesus Name, I pray. Amen.

2. Prayer for a heart that overflows with gratitude

Heavenly Father, I come before You with a heart overflowing with gratitude and awe for Your greatness and goodness. You are the creator of the universe, and yet You still care deeply for each and every one of us. Your love and mercy are beyond measure, and I am humbled by Your presence in my life. Thank You, Lord, for the blessings You have bestowed upon me. You have provided for my every need and have given me more than I deserve. Your grace is abundant, and I am eternally grateful for Your forgiveness and redemption.

I praise You, Almighty God, for Your faithfulness and steadfastness. In times of triumph and times of trial, You have never left my side. You are my rock and my refuge, and I find strength and comfort in You alone. Help me, Father, to always remember Your goodness and to live my life in a way that honors and glorifies You. May my words and actions be a reflection of Your love and grace. May I always seek to bring You praise and to share Your love with others. In all things, I give You thanks, dear God. You are worthy of all honor and praise. May my life be a living testament to Your greatness. Amen.

3. Prayer for the ability to see and appreciate God

Father God, I am grateful for the gift of life and the ability to witness Your greatness and goodness in the world around me. Please open my eyes to see Your handiwork in every sunrise, every flower that blooms, and every act of kindness I encounter. Lord, I ask for a deeper appreciation of Your creation, that I may not take it for granted but instead marvel at Your intricate design and infinite wisdom. Help me to see Your presence in the laughter of children, the warmth of the sun, and the gentle breeze that whispers through the trees.

Father, I pray for a grateful heart that recognizes Your blessings in both the big and small things. May I not be blinded by the troubles of this world, but instead focus on the beauty and goodness that surrounds me. Give me the ability to see Your love reflected in the faces of those I meet and the acts of compassion I witness. I long to be filled with awe and wonder as I contemplate Your creation. Help me to slow down, to pause and marvel at the intricacies and miracles that exist all around me. May my heart overflow with gratitude as I recognize Your hand in every detail of my life. Amen.

A woman sits and thinks about the greatness of God.

4. Prayer for God's greatness to be made known

Dear God, I want the world to know about how great You are. You are the source of all that is good, and I pray that Your greatness would be known and experienced by all. Pour out Your Holy Spirit upon us, that we may truly understand and experience Your love and grace. May Your power and glory be made manifest in our lives, that all who encounter us may see Your hand at work. Let Your light shine through us, so that others may be drawn to You and come to know Your love. Thank You, Father, for Your greatness, and may it be revealed to the world through me. Amen.

5. Prayer for the Lord's goodness to be seen in your words and action

Dear Lord, I pray that Your goodness may be known and experienced by all. May Your light shine through my words and actions, so that others may witness Your glory and be drawn to You. May Your love flow through me, so that others may feel Your grace and be transformed by Your power. Use me as an instrument of Your love, O Lord, and let Your greatness be revealed through my life. In Jesus matchless Name, amen.

6. Prayer for God to be acknowledged and praised by all nations and peoples

Mighty God, You are the One true God, deserving of all honor and praise. Your greatness and goodness surpass all understanding and Your glory shines forth in all the earth. Let every nation and every people acknowledge and praise Your name. May Your unmatched power and wisdom be proclaimed from east to west, from north to south. I magnify Your name for Your love knows no bounds and Your mercy endures forever.

From the highest mountains to the deepest oceans, Your creation testifies of Your greatness. Your handiwork is displayed in the vastness of the universe and in the intricate details of every living creature. How marvelous are Your ways and how perfect is Your design. All nations and peoples are called to bow before You, for You are the God of all gods, the King of all kings. I exalt Your name and proclaim Your glory, for You alone are worthy of all praise. May Your greatness and goodness be acknowledged and praised by all, now and for all eternity.

Thank You for Your love and faithfulness. May Your name be lifted high and may all creation join in singing Your praises. In awe and wonder, I join the chorus of voices proclaiming Your greatness. You are my God, and I will forever praise Your Name. Amen.

7. Prayer for the goodness of God to be magnified

Father God, I lift Your name high, giving You all the honor and praise. You have blessed me abundantly, and I am filled with gratitude for Your provision and grace. In times of adversity, I still magnify Your name, for I know that You are my refuge and strength. Your love and faithfulness carry me through every trial and tribulation.

I trust in Your sovereign plan, knowing that You work all things together for my good. Your goodness shines even brighter in the midst of darkness, and I find solace in Your presence. I surrender my worries and fears to You, knowing that You are in control and Your plans for me are perfect.

No matter the season of life, I proclaim Your greatness and goodness. You are my rock, my fortress, and my deliverer. I proclaim Your faithfulness, for You are always with me, guiding my steps and providing for all my needs. May Your name be magnified in every aspect of my life, from the mountaintops of joy to the valleys of despair. I give You all the glory and honor, for You are worthy of all praise. Amen.

8. Prayer for God's presence to be recognized at all times

Mighty and merciful God, in the midst of my pain and suffering, I humbly bring my heart before You. I am in awe of Your greatness, for You are the One who holds all power and authority in Your hands. Even in my darkest moments, I long to feel Your presence and recognize Your goodness shining through.

Lord, please touch my heart and remind me of Your faithfulness. Help me to see Your hand at work in the midst of this pain. Let Your love and grace pour over me, comforting me in my affliction and reminding me that I am not alone.

I surrender my pain and suffering to You, knowing that You are able to turn my mourning into joy. I trust in Your promises and believe that You will bring something beautiful out of this hardship. As I walk through the valley, may Your goodness be my guide and Your strength be my support.

In the midst of my suffering, I pray that Your light would shine through me. Use me as a vessel to bring comfort and hope to others who are facing their own trials. May Your greatness be seen and known in every step I take.

Thank You, dear God, for Your unfailing love and Your never-ending mercy. I praise You for Your greatness and goodness that transcend all understanding. In the midst of my pain, I find solace in knowing that You are with me, bringing healing and restoration. May Your name be glorified both in the trials and triumphs of my life. Amen.

9. Prayer for God's greatness and goodness to be the foundation of your faith

Almighty God, I humbly come before Your majestic presence, overwhelmed by Your greatness and goodness that form the very foundation of my faith and trust in You. Your unfathomable love has been poured out upon me, unworthy as I am, and I am in awe of Your infinite mercy and grace.

You are the Creator of the heavens and the earth, the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. Your power is beyond measure, and Your wisdom surpasses all understanding. I surrender my life to You, O Lord, for You alone are worthy of all honor and praise. In Your love, You have redeemed me and brought me into Your family, securing my eternal salvation. I am eternally grateful for Your faithfulness and the abundant blessings You have bestowed upon me. My soul finds rest and peace in Your presence, knowing that You are my refuge and strength. 

You are my rock and my fortress, my deliverer and my shield. I trust in Your unchanging character and put my confidence in Your promises, for You are faithful to fulfill every word You have spoken. May Your greatness and goodness be exalted in my life, as I seek to live each day in obedience to Your will. In Jesus Name, I pray. Amen.

10. Prayer for the Lord to be reflected in your relationships with others

Dear God, I acknowledge that You should be reflected in my relationships with others. Help me to see every person as You see them, with love and compassion. Guide me to treat others with kindness, patience, and respect, just as You have shown me.

May my words and actions be a reflection of Your great love, and may I seek reconciliation and unity in all my relationships. Give me the strength and wisdom to forgive others as You have forgiven me. Lord, I pray that You would fill me with Your Holy Spirit, empowering me to love others selflessly and unconditionally. Let my relationships be a testimony of Your goodness and grace, drawing others closer to You. In Jesus Name, I pray. Amen.

11. Prayer for guidance and direction in your decisions and choices

Dear Lord, You are the Creator of the universe, the Almighty and the King of all kings. Your greatness is beyond comprehension, and Your goodness knows no bounds. I come before You humbly, seeking Your guidance and direction in all my decisions and choices. Lord, I acknowledge that my own wisdom is limited and flawed, but Your wisdom is infinite and perfect. Help me to align my will with Yours, to seek Your face in every situation, and to trust in Your unfailing love and faithfulness.

You are the God who knows the beginning from the end, and You have plans and purposes for my life that are beyond my understanding. Lead me, O Lord, in the paths of righteousness, and open my eyes to see the opportunities and challenges that lie before me. I surrender my desires, my ambitions, and my dreams into Your hands. May Your Spirit guide me and empower me to make choices that honor and glorify Your name. Fill me with Your peace, Your joy, and Your presence as I walk in obedience to Your will.

Thank You, Heavenly Father, for Your greatness and mercy. I trust in Your loving provision and seek Your wisdom and direction in all things. Amen.

12. Prayer for healing and restoration of brokenness and pain

Lord God, in Your infinite love and mercy, You desire to bring healing and restoration to every broken heart and every shattered life. I lift up to You all those who are hurting and in pain. You see their every tear and feel their every heartache. I ask that You would pour out Your healing touch upon them, bringing comfort and peace to their souls.

In Your tender compassion, restore what has been lost and mend the brokenness that they may find wholeness in You. Lord, You are the great and ultimate Healer. Your presence alone has the power to transform lives and bring about miraculous change. I pray that You would move in mighty ways, touching every area of brokenness and bringing restoration to all who are in need. May Your light shine in the darkest places, bringing hope and healing to all who seek You.

I thank You, God, for Your faithfulness and compassion. Your love is unending and Your grace abounds. I trust in Your goodness and mercy, knowing that You are working all things together for the good of those who love You. Lord, let Your healing power flow through every heart, bringing renewal, strength, and a deep sense of Your presence. Amen.

A man prays and thanks God that He is good.

13. Prayer for God's goodness and greatness in the church

Almighty God, Your power and majesty are beyond comprehension, and Your love and mercy know no bounds. I rejoice in the knowledge that You are a God who never fails, who is always faithful, and who has promised to be with us always. Your goodness and love are evident in every aspect of our lives, and I pray that Your greatness may be proclaimed and celebrated in every corner of the church. May our worship be filled with awe and wonder as we lift our voices and hearts in praise to You, our mighty and loving God. Amen.

14. Prayer for freedom and deliverance to those who are enslaved or oppressed

Dear God, You are the God who brings freedom and deliverance to those who are oppressed and enslaved. Your power knows no bounds, and Your love for Your children is endless. I pray that You would intervene in the lives of those who are bound by chains of oppression, breaking the bonds and setting them free. Let Your goodness shine upon them, guiding their steps towards liberation and restoration. May they experience Your strength and comfort, knowing that in You, there is true freedom. Thank You, God, for Your everlasting love and for being a God who fights for the oppressed. Amen.

15. Prayer for God's greatness and goodness for all eternity

Lord God, I come before You in awe of You. You are the creator of the heavens and the earth, the one who formed me in my mother's womb. Your wisdom and power are beyond measure, and Your love is boundless. I praise You for the beauty and wonder of Your creation, for the gift of life and for the hope of eternity with You. Thank You for the joy and peace that only You can give, and for the promise of everlasting life in Your presence. May I always seek to know You more and to experience the fullness of Your goodness throughout eternity. Amen.

Closing Thoughts

Prayers are a powerful way to communicate with God and express our gratitude, ask for guidance, and seek comfort. Whether we are facing challenges or celebrating blessings, prayers can provide us with strength and peace.

Remember that God is always listening and is ready to answer our prayers according to His will. We must continue to pray with faith and trust in His goodness.

Always take a moment to say a prayer and thank God for His greatness and goodness in your life.

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