3 Best Prayer Bench Kneelers

Best prayer bench kneeling stool.

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For many around the world, praying involves finding the best prayer bench to use.

Kneeling stools used for praying is a type of desk that is generally used during devotional times, as well as at church. 

These stools, are also widely known as benches, chairs, or kneelers.

There are many names for them but with one ultimate purpose: to seek God through prayer and devotion.

They are a small, wooden desk furnished with a thin, sloping shelf for the Bible, nooks, hands, and a kneeler.

Prayer benches give you plenty of room to tuck your feet under, while at the same time, supporting your body weight.

Ergonomically, it provides a proper sitting posture as well as a straight spine due to how they are constructed.

Below is a list of the best and highest quality kneeling chairs we've found for occasional, as well as long duration times of praying.

Whatever your situation may be, there’s one thing we can likely agree on:

Choosing the best prayer kneeler may not be as easy as it first appears.

That’s why we have provided helpful information below.

Top Prayer Bench Picks (Quick Summary)



  • Hardwood
  • Color - Dark Walnut
  • Hardwood prayer kneeler.



    Fuffi Prayer Bench

  • Hardwood
  • Color - Brown
  • Praying kneeler.

    Top Prayer Benches (Detailed Summary)

    Fanwer Prayer Bench Stool

    Fanwer kneeling prayers bench.

    What People Love About It:

  • Easy To Assemble - takes little time to put together and easy to install.  
  • Very Easy to Use - start using as soon as assembled.
  • Price Point - great value for the price.
  • Pros
    • Easy To Assemble
    • Sturdiness
    • Comfort
    • Value For Money
    • Assembly Screws Are Slightly Short

    Easy To Assemble Review 

    The Fanwer Prayer Bench is surprisingly easy to put together and use. All the needed tools and instructions come with it. Since it is easy to fold up, it can be stored behind a door, under a bed, or in a cupboard until needed again.  

    Build Quality Review 

    The materials used to build the kneeler are quality. The wood is durable and easy to clean and look after. The high-density mats make it easy to kneel and pray.

    Comfort Review

    On top of the good value for money, the design of this stool allows for up to 2 hours or more of devotion time.

    Fanwer Prayer Kneeler Review & Final Verdict:

    This kneeling bench for devotional time and prayers has a fair price and easily folds up to store out of the way. It was easy to assemble and is sturdy for long durations when praying.

    Our Rating: 5/5

    RS Prayer Bench Stool

    Hardwood prayer kneeler.

    What People Love About It:

  • Durable - long-lasting quality hardwood.  
  • Easy To Care For  - upkeep for this bench is simple.
  • Fits In - blends nicely with home or church decor.
  • Pros
    • Well Made
    • Excellent Padding
    • Comfortable
    • Good Price Point
    • 15 Minute Assembly Time

    Well Made Review

    The RS Prayer Bench Stool has a nice walnut stain that fits in well with any home or church decor. It is able to support body weight for long periods of time.  

    Build Quality Review

    In addition to the aforementioned, the feel of the hardwood really reflects the quality. As you hold the pieces you can get a sense of the durability this prayer kneeler provides.

    Price Review

    After a little elbow grease, the value for the price is noticeable. Being made of such good quality products can only mean that if treated with care, this kneeler can last a long time.

    RS Prayer Kneeling Stool Review & Final Verdict:

    This stool is made of excellent quality material. It supports the weight of a person praying for a long duration. Easy to put together and comfortable.

    Our Rating: 4.25/5

    Fuffi Prayer Bench Stool

    Praying kneeler.

    What People Love About It:

  • Quality - sturdy and durable.
  • Well-Designed  - fold up table top and bench.
  • Comfortable - high-density mats and cotton.
  • Pros
    • Quality Materials
    • Easy To Assemble
    • Comfortable Padding
    • Portable For Use At Or Away From Home
    • Some Prefer a Wider Base
    • Assembly Time Required Is Longer Than Others

    Quality Review

    The Fuffi Prayer Bench high-density benches and table mats provide a durable place for devotions. The hardwood construction has a fold up bench and table top for easy storage.

    Build Quality Review

    The simple, yet solid build of this prayer stool means it can handle long durations of prayer. Ease-of-use allows a user to place a book on the table to read or storage on the shelf.

    Comfort Review

    The kneeling mats can handle body weight and allows for longer duration devotionals. 

    Fuffi Prayer Kneeling Stool Review & Final Verdict:

    This bench is aesthetically pleasing. It is very easy to assemble and fits well with the decor of a room. 

    Our Rating: 4/5

    Buying Guide For Prayer Kneeler Stools

    When purchasing a kneeling bench that enables you to seek God in prayer, it’s important to know what you’re looking for in terms of performance. The great news is that most of these products are portable enough to go from a living room to an outdoor deck in no time.

    However, some praying chairs simply perform better in certain environments, depending upon what you will use it for.

    Below you'll find the basics of finding a solid praying bench that really lights up your devotional time with God!

    What Is The Best Materials To Use For a Prayer Kneeler?

    Most come with durable wood materials. This allows for long periods of use and an extended life for the product. It's sturdy enough that you can put books on the table top when praying and store them on the shelf when not in use.

    What Is a Good Design For a Prayer Bench?

    Ideally, most like to have a fold up bench and table top. This allows for easy storage when not in use. Having a table top allows for one to read a book while seeking God. Of course, the better the design, the easier it can fit well in any room of a house or church.

    Are Prayer Stools Comfortable?

    The padded kneelers on this page are quite cozy. The mats used are ones similar to those found in churches. They are hard and soft high density mats and cotton so they go easy on your body. 

    How Long Does It Take To Put a Prayer Kneeler Together?

    They require very simple assembly. All necessary tools and instructions come together in the box. 

    Prayer Stool Kneeler FAQs

    What is a prayer chair kneeler?

    It is a piece of furniture that is primarily used for devotional time with God. These stools can be found in homes or in churches. Most have shelf for books or hands, as well as an area for kneeling.

    How high is a prayer kneeler?

    This small bit of furniture has been around for many years. Most often it has a sloping top and a 7 or 8-inch kneeler. Typical dimensions are around 30-34 inches in height and 20-24 inches in width.

    Do kneeling benches work?

    When one sits for long periods of time, it can affect circulation as well as metabolism. These types of chairs help promote proper sitting posture.

    How long can you sit on a kneeling chair stool?
    The best kneelers can allow a person to sit for a couple of hours or more.

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