Prayer For God To Have Complete Freedom To Work In Your Life

Prayer for God to have complete freedom to work in your life.

Welcome to the prayer for God to have complete freedom to work in your life.

This is a prayer I’ve put together where I would like to pray for anyone within the sound of my voice.

All I ask you to do, is to agree with me as I pray, and together we will seek our Heavenly Father.

Let us pray…

Heavenly Father, we gather together and come into agreement in the wonderful and powerful Name of Jesus Christ.

Where two or more are gathered there You’ll be in the midst of us and anything we agree upon as touching You will surely do.

Father in Jesus Name, there is no distance in the spirit and we thank You for the person I am praying for who desires a prayer for You to have complete freedom to work in their life.

Father, not their will but Yours be done.

Their heart and mind is open and in submission to You right now.

They want You to work through them every day.

They are denying themselves and taking up their cross daily to follow You. This is a big part of who they are in Christ.

With their hand raised, they want You, through them, to meet the needs of people around them.

Together in prayer, we ask You to help the person I am praying for to remain in this place of openness to what You want to do through them for Your glory in Jesus Name.

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We decree and declare that You are free to work and flow through them!

Yes, we decree and declare that as they seek first Your Kingdom and Your righteousness, their needs are met but the overflow pours into the lives of those they come in contact with.

Your Son Jesus was a blessing to people and we believe that they too are a blessing to this generation.

With complete freedom for You to work in their life, the person I am praying for has fixed their eyes on Jesus, is consistently surrendered, stable and faithful in every area of their life.

When people look at them, they see Jesus Christ reflected in their life and character in all that they set their hand to.


We believe and receive everything we’ve prayed and give You glory in advance for this prayer is answered!

In the wonderful and precious Name of Jesus we pray, amen.

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Scripture References

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